Humanity (Story)

    Wherever you return to Chennai, there are people with wheels on their feet. Both males and females fly to work in the morning. Life as a machine has become something everyone is used to. Many apartments were found, especially around Chennai. Most of them were affluent and middle-class people.


     The most important place that attracts everyone is the place where most of the people live in Chennai. Pearl lived in a house in a small seven-story apartment house in a natural setting that displayed many colors in the area. He is a long-time retired civil servant. He had a wife and two sons. He bought the apartment in installments while he was still in office. He is married with two sons. Pearl is basically a lover of other living things. Interested in setting up a garden he raised many animals in his home Asia. The pets he raised were dogs, cats, birds, not just for sale, he cared for them affectionately.  


These were the things he paid his full attention to after he retired. The wife was also very helpful to Pearl. Both were raising animals like their children. He grew a natural home garden on the terrace of the house for the deficient. Pearl's focus was more on other lives. The house next to Pearl's house is often rented out. The owner of that house was abroad. Currently a lawyer's family has moved into that house. Both husband and wife are lawyers in that house. They are both very selfish. Those with the most arrogant power. The embarrassment awaited Pearl only after she had moved into the house next door. They started complaining about pets in the house.


They continued to complain throughout the day. But Pearl endured it all. One day suddenly Pearl's dog got dirty on the doorstep of the house next door. The lawyer's family who saw it looked at Pearl and lashed out. Finally, the lawyer's family sued Pearl. The case was argued on both sides. Finally, the judge set aside the verdict.  


On the day the court reconvened the judge began to read the verdict that Mr. Pearl himself had no choice but to have affection for your animals but there is a law that cities developed by government order should not breed animals to the detriment of others. If you want to grow like that, you must keep it indoors. The judge ruled that if not, hand over your animals to the sanctuary. Pearl was stunned for a moment and shed tears as it entered her mind. The mind pondered from many angles.


     The house where Pearl currently resides is a very zodiac house that was bought many years ago for a pittance. The mind does not give place to leave it and at the same time does not mind giving pets and plants outside like their children. Pearl thought in many ways and finally concluded. He decided that house was not important to him and decided that pets were important and decided to sell his house. The house was sold and then he bought a house in a low-traffic area near Chennai. She moved into the house with her pets and plants. He is living happily with his wife. Pearl is a testament to the fact that there are human beings in the world.


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