I am a loser, but it would be wrong to say a failure

My daily lifestyle

      My name is Bunty Kumar, I was born in a small village in Bihar. Where there was no source of study! When I was 5 years old, my father started studying, he worked hard all day and taught me at night, when I was 8 years old, I was admitted to the school which was 1.5 km away from my village. ! Me and my older brother used to go on foot together! Then slowly the time passed and I was admitted to the hostel! I felt that something must have been different, the day I came in life, it took the whole day to correct the lagej! You must be wondering what was it that took all day! A thong and some English pants and shirt in it, a box of snakes, ghee and a biscuit ! It was night, all the children went downstairs, I also went, got food at around 10:00 o,clock and after that went to sleep! I can't sleep, can you understand?

When I had just caught my eye at 2:00 o,clock in the night, that a fat man wearing a headgear came and hit me with a strong stick, I suddenly got up and sat down, trembling! Now you must have understood how beautiful my life would be, this was happening every day, getting up and studying in the morning, life had become boring! Then a girl was admitted in my class! I saw all the boys were looking at him! I was also involved in them, bow came and the atmosphere changed, life which had been boring till now, suddenly started feeling like adventure! After a few days I started talking to him, everything was going well. And then one day my father came and took me away from the hostel, I did not know till then, that I will not go to the hostel anymore until I have come to live in the city with my whole family, a small room which is barely Will be 10/8, in this room we lived in 4 people I am my mother my younger brother and my younger sister! Now you must have understood exactly how my life must have been, as we grew up, the room started getting smaller, then my father took another room, now in one room and my younger brother, my mother in the other room And my sister started living, going to school every day, studying and my board exam also came! Then I went somewhere for the first time! Bow too 17 kilometer by train! And then I did 12th, then I got paired with a girl ! The story after that is very interesting and funny which will be read in the next part. What will happen next???

                     To be continued..............


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