Ice cream recipes at home

Ice cream recipes at home


Classic Ice Cream Recipe


Making dairy ice cream at home is easy. It includes only powdered sugar, yolks, milk and cream.




Yolks .

5 pcs.

Powdered sugar

100 г


1/2 л

Cream 33%

250 г


10 г




Crush egg yolks with powdered sugar and vanilla until smooth. Boil some milk. Add half of the hot milk to the egg yolks and mix well. Pour the resulting yolk-milk mixture into the remaining hot milk. 


Constantly stirring, cook over low heat until the mixture becomes a thin sour cream, about 2-3 minutes. Then the resulting mixture should be cooled to room temperature, then put in the refrigerator. 


Using a mixer, you need to whip the cooled cream to medium peaks, mix it with the yolk-milk mixture and put it in a closed container in the freezer. 


Every 20-60 minutes, you need to stir the mixture gently with a mixer.


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