Importance of mental health awareness

  What is mental health and how can we boost your mental health with foods and tips for good mental health:-


Mental Health: Know what is mental illness? 


The whole functioning of the human body depends on his brain. 

Whether it is a small task or a big task, all decisions are made through the mind. 

Sometimes the working capacity of the brain gets badly affected and people have to face some kind of mental illness. 

During this time, along with the ability of people to work, their behavior and their quality of life are also badly affected. 

This is such a problem related to mental health, from which it is very important to stay away.    


Here you are being given complete information about it. 

Along with this, you are also being told what measures you can adopt to avoid falling prey to it.


Know what is mental illness?


Mental illness is a disease that causes a change in a person's thinking, feeling, mood, behavior etc. 

Depression, stress, bipolar disorder are also a part of this mental illness. 

If such a situation persists for some time continuously, then it starts changing the daily routine of a person negatively.


How is this related to mental health?   


Mental illness is directly related to our mental health. 

Talking about mental health, it includes points like emotional, psychological and social well being. 

Does our mental health affect how we think? 

What do we feel and how do we remember? 

Not only this, it keeps us active on our likes and dislikes along with stress management. 

Mental health affects the journey in our life starting from childhood to puberty and old age.


How does mental health affect our health?


Mental health shows both positive and negative consequences on our overall health. 

Provided that it depends on how well our mental health works and how well it is not. 

For example, due to some problems related to mental health like depression, we can have many types of physical health problems. 


Why does mental health have a negative effect


Mental health can be negatively affected due to many reasons, starting from childhood, you can fall prey to it at any stage. 

Trauma, child abuse, sexual assault witnessing violence can cause problems related to mental health. 

Apart from this, some diseases like cancer, diabetes and chemical imbalance in the brain also affect the mental health badly.


What can you do to avoid


To avoid any kind of problem related to mental health, first of all you should pay special attention to your diet so that you are safe from any kind of disease. 

Due to being suffering from any disease, you can keep thinking about it continuously and your mind will be dominated by negative effect, which will prove to be bad on your mental health.   


Don't think too much about anything


Do not think so much about any official work or any thing in the house that it dominates your mind and you are constantly upset because of it. 

Take your work seriously and try not to keep any kind of tension in your mind. 

Due to this your mental health will remain healthy.


what type of diet would be best


To avoid any kind of problem related to mental health, you should consume brain booster foods. 

These foods include foods such as nuts, dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, broccoli, turmeric, blueberries, fatty fish. 

You can consume them regularly which will go a long way in maintaining your mental health.


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