In Europe they are preparing a “gift for Putin” - a Black Hawk helicopter for GUR soldiers: photo

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Intelligence officers say that the Czech initiative “a gift for Putin ” has announced a fundraiser for the purchase of a helicopter for the GUR - in the first week, Czechs and Slovaks donated more than 400,000 euros, the total cost is 4.3 million euros. 

It is noted that the Black Hawk has already been inspected by Ukrainian aviation experts, the vehicle is ready to carry out combat missions. 

As soon as the amount is collected, the Czech Ministry of Defense will hand over the helicopter to Ukrainian intelligence officers. 

The GUR fleet already has a Black Hawk, which helps carry out combat and special missions, missions for the delivery of military cargo and personnel, electronic warfare, and evacuation of the wounded.

  • On August 20, 2023, Denmark announced that  it would transfer 19 aircraft to Ukraine ,  the Netherlands - an unknown number  (the country has 42 aircraft; how many of them will be given to the Ukrainian Armed Forces is not stated).
  • On October 30, Dutch Prime Minister  Mark Rutte  said that the first F-16s would depart for Romania “within two weeks.” On November 7, five Dutch Air Force F-16 fighters  were deployed  to Romania.
  • On November 10, the Air Force  reported that Ukrainian pilots had already begun to undergo practical training on F-16 fighters in the air.


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