In Moldova, following the Prosecutor General, his deputy was placed under house arrest

In Moldova, following the Prosecutor General, his deputy was placed under house arrest.

Suspected of illicit enrichment, the suspended Deputy Prosecutor General of Moldova, Ruslan Popov, was placed under house arrest for 30 days. This is reported by "European Pravda," citing Newsmaker. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office of Moldova initiated a criminal case against Popov as a result of the analysis of information from journalistic investigations and collected evidence. On October 9, he was detained for 72 hours on suspicion of illicit enrichment. Prosecutors requested that the suspect be placed under provisional arrest. Last year the portal Anticoruptie. md published an investigation according to which in 2015 the father of the prosecutor Popov Alexander Popov became the owner of an orchard of more than 100 hectares, according to documents. The publication's journalists visited the village, and local residents told them that since 2014, Ruslan Popov began buying up plots of land from local authorities and residents. The prosecutor's parents, on whom the property is registered, are pensioners. In 2018, in the farm of Popov's parents began the construction of a refrigerated chamber with an area of 2 thousand. There is also an artesian well on the territory of the farm. md studied the declaration of the prosecutor, according to which the three-story house in which he lives is worth about 111.8 thousand lei. In 2013, when Popov indicated the house in his declaration, journalists Ziarul de Garda interviewed experts and found that the building must be worth at least 2 million lei. The national integrity body investigated and the prosecutor was dismissed on suspicion of not reporting real property and income data. However, the case was hushed up later. We recall that the suspended prosecutor general of Moldova, Alexandru Stoianoglo, was given 30 days of house arrest.


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