Intel will find it difficult to catch up with Apple Silicon's performance, why?

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger's intention to entice Apple to return to using Intel chips may be difficult to materialize. Previously, Gelsinger had stated that they would be able to attract Apple to use Intel chips, namely by making a processor that is better than Apple's Silicon. "Apple decided that they could make better chips than us. And, you know, they did pretty well. So what we had to do was make chips that were better than theirs. I hope we can get some business back from them." , and also many other businesses," he concluded.

However, from the leaks, Gelsinger's intentions may be difficult to realize. Based on a report from The Information, Apple is preparing the 3rd generation of Apple Silicon under the names Ibiza, Lobos, and Palma, which from the specifications may be difficult for Intel to catch. The three chips will reportedly be produced by TSMC starting in 2023, and use 3nm manufacturing instead of 5nm like the M1 chip (as well as the M1 Pro and M1 Max).

While Intel is still struggling to produce chips with 7nm manufacturers, and they even recently confirmed the delay of the Xeon 'Sapphire Rapids' chip that uses 10nm manufacturing. Not only have smaller manufacturers, all three are also equipped with processors with up to 40 cores. Where the highest variant will probably be used on MacBook Pro and Mac desktops, while the slower variant will be used on iPad and MacBook Air. While the upcoming 2022 chip is said to be using a more sophisticated 5nm process. "With the higher number of cores and speeds, Apple has a great opportunity to overtake Intel in the PC space," wrote Aakash Jani, senior analyst at chip research firm The Linley Group. If you look at the current performance of the M1 chip, Intel might have a higher processor performance. But in terms of power efficiency, it's practically impossible for Intel to catch up with the power efficiency of the M1, M1 Pro, and even the M1 Max. This power efficiency is not only about the consumption of less electrical power, because the less power is consumed, the less heat is generated. So the cooling system required is minimal.


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