Interesting facts about pizza

The world's first pizzeria

The world's first pizzeria restaurant opened in 1738 in downtown Naples. The interesting thing is that nowadays it is just as good. Every day many tourists, city residents, gourmands and critics come there to enjoy a great meal. Both the level of quality and the Antica sign have not been changed by the management since the seventeenth century.


Record length of pizza

In Pesaro, Italy created a huge and very expensive pizza. Local chefs made a strip of 240 meters long, spending 50 thousand euros to make it. The costs paid off: the pizza made it into the Guinness Book of Records, beating the previous dish. That pizza was 100 meters long, and 25 people cooked it for a whole day.

In Russia, too, tried to catch up with the record holders. In Moscow, recently for the City Day made a pizza almost 6 meters in diameter: the toppings made a real map of the capital. As it turned out, tomatoes, onions, ham, herbs, olives, cheese and broccoli are perfect for cartographers: all the important points were highlighted. And it only took three hours to cook!

Pizza for a million in space

The dish, loved by millions, left its mark even in outer space. In 2001, the Pizza Hut pizza chain delivered pizza to the international space station in orbit, right into space. The million dollars spent on the delivery was more than compensated by the advertising and raves from all the space fans. And really: how are they there, in space, without pizza?


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