Interesting insights on International Womens' Day

As far as International Womens' Day is concerned, the celebration happens in almost every corner of the world. Many of us celebrate it in different ways;For example some of us would do little gestures while others would arrange a grand surprise...well flowers and dinner for example. 

Social Media Presence

For this year, there were some unique events that took place and deserve to be shared in this space. Firstly, an instagram page called "studio.89" has collaborated with @theperiodpurse(instagram page) Period Drive where they would provide menstrual products to end period poverty in Canada. Secondly, there is a slow increase in awareness regarding womens' sexual health struggles which is evident in social media platforms such as Twitter. The hashtags on this special day can be reached online!

On this note, one point that cannot be avoided is that different female educators are working towards creating spaces for everyone to learn about sexual health from a minfulness perspective.For example Sameera Qureshi from instagram is among many other impactful educators. 

On social media, a yound boy surprised an employee(woman) with a bouqet on her birthday suggesting that she was his favourite.After the gift , they shared a hug as a thank you.

Business Presence

Another thrilling observation is the shoe business where shoes are designed by women for women. There is more amazing fact that the high heels are convertible so they can be replaced according to the preference of customer. So ready to hear the is called Pashion Footwear and they have a website and instagram page for everyone to choose their own styles. This calls for all women to celebrate womanhood and love and embrace themselves.

The overall drive to honour women in their own skin is truly delightful to see. Something to be highlighted here is also the support of men who stands with them. 

Some Misconceptions Addressed

Among the works of educators mentioned above, some myths regarding womens' physiology were also debunked. 


Oh! another wonderful point is the presence of a podcast about Public health field which is hosted by a woman named Sujani. So, there is a tech-savvy person as well in the list. It is a very inclusive podcast and in one episode Sujani invited Marissa McKool who helps women in public health reduce overload of work. The host has invited alot of guests in the show and it was refreshing to see a lot of women in leadership roles as well.


Every year, a consistent effort to acknowledge and celebrate the women is evident. We can certainly hope towards more better and thriving world for future years as well. As said, small steps towards change can lead to bigger change. Therefore, working together and uplifiting humankind can surely take us far such as improving our world by playing our part in anyway possible. Afterall we all are a beautiful part of this world and together so much can be accomplished. So, let us begin today and enjoy the process.


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