Internet Has Taken Over The Library

"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies." The world of a reader is the most beautiful and diverse one. These days, books have lost their value. The generation which found answers in books is replaced by a generation which finds their answers on the internet. In today's fast moving world, books have therefore lost their place.


People these days turn to the internet for everything. Almost everyone is a part of this global family. From recipes to a lonely heart, internet has all possible solutions and answers. Then why is it that members of this global family are fearful and lonely? Why is this global web producing ambiverts and derelicts? We tend to make ourselves more vulnerable to the ills of the world on the internet. The day we start asking ourselves questions and start looking for those answers in books is the day all our conflicts will end.


Children turn to the internet to boost their self esteem and make friends. This is unnatural and harmful. It makes them vulnerable to the devils hiding behind the screens. Internet is a platform for people driven by hatred and jealousy. These people are so invested in their hatred that peace is the most threatening thing they can imagine. Internet gives people depression and insecurities. We can cry mercy all we want on the internet, but no one is listening. It's all but us, screaming into a void. No defender can save us from the labels society gives us on the internet, but we should make sure to not make them our identity.


People think that solace in reading makes them lonely and therefore they turn to the internet.. But books teach us to be happy in our own company. They inspire and enlighten us ina way internet never can.


A book has all the qualities of a good friend. It can never harm us. Reading helps in a number of ways. It gives us knowledge, improves our sense of language and teaches us patience. A book makes us calm and the internet makes us anxious and chaotic. A book may not be a living thing as the internet, but ask a reader who is always ready for the different adventures each shelf takes them to. A mind which is peaceful is always at ease. Books give us real education which is not imparted in a click, it is about the effort, dedication and discipline.


Internet is a battle we should give up on because once we surrender, we will forget the reason why we were fighting in the first place.


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