iPhone 13 Mini: The Future of the iPhone With No New Models in 2022?

iPhone 13 mini is the last “mini” iPhone as Apple will have no iPhone 14 mini next year, according to a tipster. Multiple reports in the past suggested that the Cupertino company did not receive a pleasing response from the sales of the iPhone 12 mini last year. It may, thus, have plans to have its new iPhone series in the works sans the iPhone 14 mini model. Apple introduced the iPhone 12 mini in its portfolio to offer the best of its flagship iPhone in a new, small form-factor that is easier to use over the default model.

The Future of the iPhone With No New Models in 2022

Supplier sources are reporting that the release of the iPhone 11 in 2017 may be the last that Apple launches this year, according to a DigiTimes report. While the design of the next-gen iPhone will not change dramatically, the source claims that the company will introduce an iPhone 13 series with a near-bezel-less display and vertically stacked dual cameras. The iPhone 11 may only be a "mass-production cycle" and may be revealed in March, the report adds. The iPhone 13 series would be released by 2018 to give the company time to work on its new iPhone model for 2019. A similar report from Bloomberg also corroborates the iPhone 13 launch plans. The report adds that the Apple Watch 3 could be the last to launch in 2017.


A More Compact Alternative to the Flagship iPhones

It will be interesting to see how Apple will respond to the market demand for a more compact version of the flagship iPhone for the masses. The iPhone 8 Plus sports a 5.5-inch display that is not much smaller than the one offered by the iPhone 7 Plus with a 5.5-inch display. It could be Apple’s answer to Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. If the company truly plans to implement the same tech used in the iPhone 8 Plus in the iPhone mini, then users will be able to see the upgrade without having to step up to the iPhone 7 Plus. Some Sources Claim iPhone 13 may Take the Shape of Samsung Galaxy S8 The iPhone 13 will have the shape of the Samsung Galaxy S8, according to recent reports. It will feature a 5.8-inch display that will be a bit larger than the one on the iPhone 8 Plus.


The iPhone 12 Mini Didn’t Sell Well Enough for Apple to Consider It a Success

DigiTimes’ report, which quoted an insider in the supply chain, suggested that the iPhone 12 mini didn’t perform as well as expected in terms of sales volume. It may have failed to meet expectations due to the average selling price. The 6.1-inch display iPhone features a more expensive LCD screen than the OLED panel on the iPhone XR, which may have prevented it from convincing buyers to take it as a Christmas gift. The average selling price of the iPhone 12 mini is said to have fallen to $420. While $420 is lower than the average selling price of an iPhone XR, which costs $749, the iPhone 12 mini doesn’t offer much value to users. The smartphone only carries a single 12-megapixel rear camera and comes with a A12 Bionic processor.


Other Options for Smaller Phone Users

That said, it is unlikely that Apple will launch an iPhone 13 mini next year. Some reports suggested that the company may introduce its iPhone 11.7-inch or iPad Mini 7. There have been few reports suggesting that Apple may announce a cheaper iPhone model with a cheaper price tag than the iPhone XS series next year. Also, it may go for a slightly bigger iPhone X-like smartphone as a successor to the iPhone X. The iPhone X has been succeeded by the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, which offer the best of the iPhone lineup, with an edge-to-edge display and high-end camera. The iPhone XS Max has the biggest display ever offered on an iPhone. There have been reports suggesting that Apple will bring in an iPhone with a 6.1-inch display this year.



According to a report from Digitimes, the Cupertino-based company has no plans to release the iPhone 13 mini or iPhone 13 at all in 2018. However, according to a report from BGR, Apple has filed a patent for the iPhone 13 “Dark Grey” with minor antenna lines at the back. The iPhone 13 model, if it is a real phone, will not be priced high either. We believe Apple will launch the iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 mini as a cheaper version of the iPhone X that will be released in the future.


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