Is FIFA preparing to deal a powerful blow to EA? Federation is in talks with other developers

This is in response to Electronic Arts' recent announcement that it was considering changing the name of the famous FIFA series. According to unofficial reports, this is part of the protracted negotiations between the publisher and the federation over the license renewal. It expires in 2022.


The soccer organization explains that it is seeking a new position in the gaming and cybersports segment. The announcement reads:


"Technology and mobile companies are actively competing for partnerships with FIFA, its platforms and global tournaments."


The licensing federation is in talks not only with EA, but also with other creators, who are not named.


The organization wants to develop a long-term vision for gaming and cybersports that involves developers, investors and analysts. The goal is to maximize opportunities for soccer and virtual entertainment fans. FIFA-branded tournaments are planned.


For years EA was the sole owner of the rights to FIFA in games. But recently the New York Times reported that talks about expanding the cooperation have stalled because the federation is demanding twice as much money from the publisher for the license.


Another subject of contention is the amount of rights granted. Electronic Arts wants exclusive use, which the soccer federation does not agree to.


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