Just For Being A Christian

When I was a little girl, I was called a monkey by relatives, yelled at for no reason by my mother and sexually harassed by relatives.  Also, my Father hates Jesus Christ as well.He told me that him and my mother was "Sick of the whole Jesus thing."Do you think I really care?No I don't.I grew up in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, NY to Guyanese parents.Almost everytime I run into people from Guyana, they always end up with wicked, stuck up attitudes.I will not lie I sure can use some bake with saltfish inside, pepper pot,cook up rice,casava plan,meti,metem g,callalou and rice, pumpkin and rice,curry and roti, etc.What I would never understand is keeping news of a Brain Tumor that my family knew that I was a child with 3 Nursers refuse to make sure they caught to take care of me at a young age?Why would allow your child to constantly complain of what she thought was regular headaches when you knew the truth about my health?

Even though I am cancer free as an adult, I am suffering from Migraines now after the surgery.You might as well put me up for adoption cuz that's exactly I felt.Just like a foster child or you could've aborted me if you knew you didn't want this Christ child.

Why did you even keep me?What did I ever do so bad to possess you to kick your Christian child out when evil things your other children were way more sinister .

You exempting me because I am not gan member like was your worst mistake, but was for my best because you did it when you found out you were pregnant with me and you did to me in heart before you perform the actual actions.

The children you favor over me will turn against you if you keep disowning me Antichrist parents.

I didn't ask you to have me and even though Christ warned in the Bible(His Holy Word) that the world would hate us if it hates you Lord.We can't just honor your parents with Christ commanding in the verse not to provoke your children to anger cuz you didn't choose your Christian child.


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Black and very proud believer in Christ here in disgusting messed up NYC who is an Anti-Christ

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