Kaya Mijikenda The Nine Tribes Part 1, 2 and 3

KAYA Mijikenda

Based on a true culture,way of life in the year 1500 AD. The Kaya Mijikenda Community of the Bantu Origin namely Kambe, Ribe, Jibana, Kauma, Rabai, Chonyi, Giriama, Duruma and Digo, lived a life worth remembering. Here is their story.

1.Kaya Ngomeni

Once upon a time in the blessed great lands of Kaya. Lived the most God-fearing Mijienda community of the unseen and the visible. Around a big log table in the Headquarters at Kaya Ngomeni, sat the strongest Ngambi old men representing every tribe. The main agenda was to look for a warrior from among the nine Kaya Jimbos to take over leadership after the late Mwamba (TheHardest rock) Son of Bombo (Deep forest) who had been in power for fifty-two years. The proposed candidate by law was to be a man from the Mijienda community. Best underwater swimmer of more than ten miles with a single breath. Fastest runner. The strongest Warrior, One who could battle ten thousand soldiers alone. A learned gentle man with an accurate sixth sense. Outside the secret boardroom of kaya Ngomeni to the entrance cave door was a home of a pride of Lions. A circumference of tall trees in a dark forest at a distance was inhibited by Leopards, Cheetahs, wild Cats and all types of birds could be seen flying from tree to tree. Then comes the short trees, plains where we could see Elephants, Rhinos, Giraffes, Zebras and all other grazing animals enjoying the sweet and juicy grass and fresh low water tables. After the flat grassy land.There comes a large rocky and hollow area, a residence to the most poisonous Snakes, Frogs, Scorpions, Crawling Insects and the Siafu colonies. Coconut trees, green flowering shrubs and dead trunks the dwelling of the Killer Bees, covered the treasure of all the Jimbos of Kaya. While beautiful sheshe white sands around the Kaya Ngomeni Island and the Sun's reflection during the day, always made it invisible offshore. 


2.Kaya Digo

Across the Ocean, of Whales, Sharks, Giant Octopuses and uncounted marine species, was a board of an Army of very powerful Mermaids. These were the best friends and helpers to the Jimbo of the Courageous, Kaya Digo. The rich Fishermen and community of the Southern Coast mainland. A superb sweet fragrance of the scattered trees with Bibo Cashew nuts fruits blended together with ripen Dodo, Boribo and Kimaji Mangoes, gave a warm rejuvenating welcome to the fertile earth of Cassava and Coconuts. Door to door greetings and charming faces from the mud makuti cool houses gave a loving, no buying but sharing free zone. Forty miles of the hilly gushing sweet Water streams, young men are seen grazing huge herds of Cattle. Beyond the hills, heavily drains River Marere from the great Springs, on both sides are hectares of healthy Vegetables, Fruits and variety of Cereal crops under a Fingo, secured and untouchable.



Stretching a dusk left eye scope twenty miles across the River, marks the main door to the Jimbo of Doctors, Kaya Duruma. An unattended flock of Goats and Sheeps cramble to get home in time. Women with pakachas on their heads full of farm produce are seen heading home. Behind them are young girls loaded with firewood. Along with the group comes a young man from the hunting ground with a wild male Buffalo, as if it is a tamed animal walking with him. He just held a rope tied between the head and the horns. Walking by the corn fields through the bare black slippery soil yards, pass the mining ridge, across the thick Mountain of huge tall trees, the path was as bright as the full Moon. When climbing down, evening unique, beautiful fragrance aroma of Kitumbo and Mpunga Rice from terraced paddy fields plantations, created a splendid misty cool night to the scattered Duruma clans on sight. While locals and new members of clans had wonderful dreams which most of them narrated to each other during the day after their common Maize meal loved lunch. Unknown visitors always had sleepless nights in these lands. Many enemies feared the company of unknown voices around them. 


Meaning of some words.

Ngambi-Council of Elders.

Pakacha-Big woven basket with no handles.

Kigango-Aunique carved wooden memorial statue.

Pufya-Extraordinary strength.

Fingo-Talisman, a pottery vessel contains not only medicine but also magic charms. It serves to protect the kaya and it's inhabitants.

Liko - Canoe.

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Ibrahim Said Mwafrika was born in 1983, in a Kaya village named Kiteje Ziwani. He belongs to one of the nine Mijikenda tribes- the Digo, in Likoni Sub-county, Mombasa County along the Coastal region of Kenya.* *20 years of his life was spent in the Rift valley region, Naivasha Division, located in Nakuru County and in Nairobi City, the Country's Capital. He worked with Youth groups and different Companies found in the Coastal Counties. Has Explored his writing talent in East Africa and parts of the Middle East. Crossing boundaries to share ideas has been his greatest dream.*