King cobra snake poison detail articl King cobra baby knowledge

King cobra names: NAJA NAJA, comes from the Sanskrit word NAGA, which means of cobra or snake

The King cobra. (ophiophagus Hannah) id a  venomous snake endemic to Asia.

It is not taxonomically atrue cobra King cobra average. Length of(3.18 to4m). (10.4to13.1ft) and a record length of(5.85m ) 18.2ft) it is the world's longest venomous snake 

FEMALE KING COBRA: females stay by their nests between two and 77 days hatchlings are between 37.5 and. 58.5 cm( 14.8 and23.0 in) long and weight 9 to 38g( 0.32 to1.34oz)

Is a baby cobra capable of killing a human with a single bite

It is true that snake cobra mother can actually eat her own babies.

 In a King cobra 6. 1% of identified venomous mous snakes res pinsible for bites40%.

They are responsible for about10,000 snakebites every year and are one among the bit

The venom of hatchlings is as protent as that of the adults.

KING COBRA EAT: this species feeds mainly on other snakes, venomous and nonvenomous. They will also eat lizards ,eggs and small mammals, rats frogs, and birds.

A successfully cobra of moderate size , can live 10 to 20 years if they can avoid the dangers of living in the wild 

The species has diversified colouration across habitats. From black with white.

DIET: The King cobras diet consists largely of cold- blooded animals, particularly other snakes.

The Indian cobra,a relative of some killer snakes.of Asia,Africa and Australia, is readily recongnizeg by the spectacle ( picture on the right) and monocle (picture on the left)  marks on its back. However, the black cobra has no distinguishing marks 

Baby cobra are as venomous as the older ones 

GARDEN SNAKE: I was a snake andran away .... Some snake are dangerous, they say, but mother says that kind is good and eats up insects for his food. So when he wiggles in the grass I ll stand aside and watch his pass and tell my self, ther is no mistake, it's just a harmless garden snake .

Contrary to what many people believe. Most snakes are timid, nocturnal creatures, feeding mostly on rats. They attack humans only when actually stepped upon, or provoked in some way  such as wearing shoes and long trousers when walkingthrough high grass and undergrowth, will lessen the risk of being bitten, for  most snake-bites in India occur as people walk barefoot. Carry a lantern or a touch when you venture out at night 

 Beat the ground ahead with long  stick as you walk --- snake will perceive the vibrations and slither a way .the snake move around as long as they have rats to feed on . Hence,keep your home and it's surroundings rat --free  one should be alert during the month soon season when snaks are most active

The appearance of the cobra lily marks the beginning of the monsoon season. However, when the seed of cobra lily are turning red,  it indicates the rains are coming to an end




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