Known Little About Humans In The Past

Humans in old times were still very primitive. They have not been able to process nature properly. But they must be able to support themselves. So they created all kinds of things. Which may not be very useful nowadays. If you look at it at a glance. Everything is not so important. But on the one hand it is proof of their existence. Here are the remains of  human in the past :

1. The House in the Caves

When humans have not been able to process natural resources. All they could do was hide in the cave. They made it their home. And there was visible palm marks and scribbles on the walls.

2. Bonfire

Before there was a stove. They used stones as a source to start a fire. Then attach it to the wood that has been cut. They can finally cook and also light up the darkness of the night.

3. Equipment From The Bones

Humans at that time made bones as a tools. They often use it to hunt wild animals.

4. Raft Boat

Since they know that wood can float. They tried to tie the logs with strong ropes. So they built a raft. With it anyone can sail the sea. Although it can be said to be dangerous because there is no safety on the side. And they use oars to make it move. Of course it is very tiring when used for long trips.

Behind all that they still have to face the dinosaurs. And we know that most dinosaurs were meat eaters. Although the existence of humans in the past is ordinary to us. They kept many secrets in the past. And there are still many that have not been revealed by researchers.


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