Learn calligraphy

A good handwriting:-

- Conveys clarity

- Shows your knowledge 

- Makes your paper neat 

- Makes it easy to correct your paper.


Tips of improving our handwriting:-


1. Sitting posture:-

Keep your shoulder very relaxed 

Sit comfortable

If we are right -handed of corner should be high

2. Grip:-

Don't hold pen too hardly

Be easy to hold

3. Spacing:-

Keep the spacing between the letters and words consistent

4. Pressure:-

Don't apply excess pressure 

It shows on your next papers\

Soft grip and normal pressure

5. Slant:-

Keep the slant consistent ( left /right /straight)

6. Tangle:-

Don't tangle letters and words ascending word or descending words in cursive writing.

7. Connect:-

Don't join the letters too closely.

Write in clear form

8. Practice:-

Practice writing daily

9. Writing tools:-

Use pen/pencil that gives a smooth flow.


Some other important points influence of good handwriting are:-


size of the letter

structure of the letter




      1. Size of the letter:-

The letter should be not too too big or not small.It is medium in size. The same size to be better.


     2. Structure of the letter:-


Each letter has its prerequisites. It at follow it


     3. Slant :-


The angles of the letters,but 60` words looks a in writing.


    4. Spacing:-


We should not give space in between letter.One space has given in compound words. space given between two words in the sentences.


     5. Zones:-


They are divided into three category are:-

  Upper zones

  Middle zones

  Lower zones

The letter which cross the lower zones, which are called lower zones letters.

 example:- g,j,p,q,y

The rest of the letter are called middle zones letter, they should be equal size and heights.


Few things to remember while writing:


Writing position

Paper position 

Hand position

Pen position




We are using Thumb, Fore finger, Middle finger a degree

Paper position is also set at degree.Tightly hold the paper. 

Hand position -Use thumb, fore finger,middle finger.Use ruling paper to know the size of the letters.

Pen position -We hold pen 1.5 cm tip of the pen.


1.Take Time to discover what works for you :-

     -Tiny writing

     -Try an extra fine /fine Nib

     - Large /looser writing

     -Try a medium/ broad nib

     -We recommended a finer nib,drier ink & absorbent paper.

     - Branching out from the standard nibs

     -Flex nibs are great for those who love to write in cursive

     - Remember to practice.

2. Relax:-

      -Release any pressure on any nib

      -Release your muscles

       -No pressure should be applied to the nib

3. Take it slow:-

        -Writing too quickly can cause railroading, skipping & smearing.

        -Take it slow & be aware of your ink's properties

4. Practice make progress:-

          -Through continued practiced, you will gain more confidence & skills


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