Lexus unveiled the next-generation Lexus LX SUV

With the transition to a modular architecture GA-F the car became 200 kg lighter and 20% stiffer, and also received modified adaptive suspension and lower center of gravity. The size of the wheelbase (2850 mm) and the parameters of geometric mobility (angles of entry and exit) remained the same.

The changes in the exterior of the Lexus flagship are more of an evolutionary nature. In front, the new LX stands out against the background of the "old" rethought spindle-shaped grille and modified headlights with a different structure, inside of which lies a smart system to control high beam BladeScan. The stern was transformed by new, connected between each other LED lights (the crosspiece between them is also LED) and the inscription "Lexus" on the luggage door, which, following the latest fashion, has replaced the logo.

The interior of the "fourth" LX has changed much more. The first thing that catches the eye is the redesigned central console, which accommodates two touch screen displays 12.3 and 7 inches diagonal. Larger upper is responsible for multimedia, navigation, general settings of the car and Multi-terrain Monitor system (allows the driver to monitor the space under the bottom and the wheels), and entrusted to the bottom the climate settings and display the current status of the driving modes selector, which, as on the Land Cruiser 300, expanded its functionality with presets Auto and "Deep snow".

A real revolution for the model was the appearance of the luxurious VIP-version Ultra Luxury, with which the LX first ever acquired a four-seat interior with two separate seats in the back. Generally speaking, it does everything for the passengers: folding front seat frees up more than a meter of additional legroom, touch panel in the central armrest provides access to all major comfort features, and traditional for such versions of "TV sets" (on the backs of the front seats) allows passengers to view both audio and video content.


The extension of the LX range is not limited to the Ultra Luxury version. Now it has a "heated" modification F Sport, which can be found on the original grille, forged 22-inch wheels of exclusive design, sports seats with pronounced side support and distinctive decor. Technically, this SUV is distinguished by the presence of a self-locking Torsen differential on the rear axle and advanced settings of the adaptive suspension, stabilization system and steering.

Power units of the new LX (so far only the variant with an index 600 is presented - note) have expectedly passed from the already mentioned above "Land Cruiser". The question is about a 3.5-liter petrol "turbo six" with 415 hp and 650 Nm of torque and also an alternative 3.3-liter diesel engine producing 300 hp and 700 Nm of torque. Both engines are combined with a classic 10-speed automatic.


The starting date of sales and prices for Lexus LX of the fourth generation have not been announced yet. The SUV of the outgoing generation, which received a special Black Vision version last spring.


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