Life as Thought (Story)

This short story explains that lust not only robs men but also robs women. Rathi is a beautiful girl with higher education in a beautiful village. She belongs to a very poor family. Even those born with her are a sister and a brother. The family moved into a very difficult situation. Because his father earned a very low salary. There is no other way to income since it is a village. His father has little to no family responsibility and will drink on the salary he buys. The mother is the one who takes care of the family. Rati is the only one in the family who is big and everyone else is small. Unexpectedly, one day his father died of a heart attack.


     Rati's family was further embarrassed. Rathi's brother stopped studying halfway and went to work. The mother decided to look after the groom and get married as Rati was getting older. Their mother found it very difficult to look after the groom and inquire as there was no one to help Rathi's family. The days were moving like this and suddenly the date of one day marriage was over and the date was marked. The marriage took place on the specified date. Rati's husband, who goes to work in a masonry, was struggling to make ends meet. Rati was also from the village and could not afford to go on time. Later in the day, Rati gave birth to a baby girl.  


Further family hardship increased. Rathi is a little luxury beauty lover. Husband or ordinary village man who does not like luxury will look like a little mentally ill. Rati's family was moving with such difficulty. Years passed and a girl was born again. Rati could not cope with the family expenses. Suddenly Rathi decided one day that a friend of hers was in Chennai and told her the details and asked for help. Rathi immediately came to Chennai from the village and saw her friend who had also joined the work. Rathi was hired as an export company assistant. Rati's only dream is to earn some money and live comfortably. Rathi does not value her husband as soon as she starts earning. At one point, when the money started to come in handy, she decided to separate from her husband and live alone with her two daughters.


     As well as driving her husband out of the house. Rathi, who worked as an assistant in the company, wanted to make further progress. The company she worked for employed many of the largest companies. Radhika’s salary is not enough, and she is very luxurious. At one point she offered to change herself anyway for the money she needed.


      Over the course of the day, she shared herself with the officers who worked with her through which she got many facilities and got money and comfort. Rati tasted like this and started prostitution with more desire to earn more money through it. As time went on the two girls came of age. The two went to work at nearby shops. And Rati did not have lust and needed a male partner to marry the children. That too came in handy for Rathi.


  He bent over to greet a private bus driver from the southern district of Tamil Nadu. Rati is already married to the one who bent over. But due to differences of opinion, the two are living apart. He also needed a female companion as he was without a driving companion. If the husband keeps the driver in his house and lives like a wife because Rati was left without a spouse. Both lived like unmarried husbands and wives. The community scorned but neither of them cared at all about it. Rati needs money facility luxury life lust she does not care about others. The eldest of her two daughters is very good at tolerating the village like this but in all respects if the youngest daughter grows up like her.

     The days of Rati were moving happily. If the eldest daughter decides to talk about marriage because she is older. As soon as the groom was set up as she thought the wedding was simply finished in a temple. The older woman is worthy and today she is having children and running the family in the best possible way. Now Rati and the younger woman lived alone with her husband.


     The younger girl fell in love with a boy and went on a suicide attempt after falling in love. Seeing this, Rathi advised her and sent her abroad to stay. Days passed and the younger girl came back to Chennai and all the activities were like mom if she went back to work. If she falls in love with a boy again, Rathi finds out about it and the boy talks at home and ends the marriage. Seeing the course of the younger girl, Village said that the child was like a mother. Rathi, who worked in a private company, began to face dismissal from the company as she got older. The onset of puberty left the body with no means of income.


      At one point, there was no information about the person who went away saying that he was going abroad to work as a driver from his husband without showing Thali Chain. There is no point in Rathi inquiring into multiple places. Village scorned Rati. The first husband who chased Rati away for many years is very influential today but has never remarried. Rathi suddenly fainted while at work. They were immediately loaded into a company van and taken to hospital. Rathi underwent all the tests at the hospital. Rati was loaded with glucose to the south of the body as her body was very swollen. The doctor said that all the test results would be given in the evening. The doctor called Rathi's relatives and told them clearly what the doctor meant to Rathi.  


Rathi has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The relatives who heard it said softly after coming home without telling Rati immediately. Relatives were also saddened to see her condition. Relatives were frustrated at what you would do in solitude in a situation like this. Rati's two daughters are nowhere nearby. No husband. With Rathi's health in mind, the management fired him. Rathi was in further crisis. Rathi has no support on one side and comfort on the other. Poverty without work. More horrible than that was that she was counting on her death.


     Rati's important friends told her that if you want, we can talk to your first husband and put it together smoothly. Rati also agreed to that. One page lamented how he would come back because we chased him many years ago. Rathi's friends somehow took everything to the first husband and put the two together smoothly. Rati and her first husband started living together and she could not believe her first husband's decision. It was during this time that her first husband appeared as God.


     Rati was happy to say that those last minutes of living with her first husband were satisfying even though the days of her death were numbered. The betrayals of her husband, who was arrogant and disrespectful, have gone to the point where she can end her life by the Lord today. The manner in which the first husband behaved with humanity, forgetting all of the old events without deceiving the mind, is commendable. Rati's first husband is a great example of how to behave in this world. Rati is the best example of how not everything should go. Rathi is counting down the days to her death from cancer for the mistakes she made. This short story is the best example of how everything happens in life as everyone thinks.


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