Lithuania will pay €100 to elderly people for vaccinations

In Lithuania, the Seimas supported, at the second attempt, the introduction of rewards in the amount of €100 for people over 75 years old who are vaccinated against coronavirus until December. LRT reported this on Tuesday, October 12.

The draft proposed by the government was adopted at the second attempt: at first there was no quorum, so the initiative was put to a vote again and passed with 68 votes in favor, three against and seven abstentions.

The payment for vaccination is proposed to be introduced for people aged 75 and over, who were vaccinated between September and December 2021, as well as for those who are vaccinated with the third booster dose by April 2022.

As stressed by Minister of Social Security and Labor Monika Navickienė, the older age group in the country has a fairly low level of vaccination coverage - out of more than 270 thousand Lithuanians of this age 80 thousand have not yet been vaccinated and did not get over the disease.

In addition, the Seimas also supported a project requiring unvaccinated workers to pay for regular testing themselves, or to be tested at the employer's expense.


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