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Kathleen Veronica Belsten (born 22 February 1993), better known by her online aliases Loserfruit and Lufu, is an Australian Twitch live streamer, YouTuber, professional gamer, and internet personality. She has the second-most followed channel on Twitch among female gamers, behind Pokimane.She posts Let's Play gaming videos on her main YouTube channel Loserfruitvlogs on her second channel Lufu, and additional gaming videos on her third channel Loserfruit 2.0. Her main YouTube channel has 3.31 million subscribers while her vlog channel Lufu has over 800 thousand subscriber

Name : Kathleen Veronica Belsten 
Birthdate : February 22nd, 1993
Age : 30 Years
Zodiac : Pisces
Occupation : YouTuber, Content Creator & Gamer
Birthplace : Melbourne, Australia
Nationality : Australian
Religion : Christian
Hobbies : Playing Video Games & Lego
Marital Status : Unmarried
Educational qualification : Graduate;
Flinders Christian Community College;
& RMIT University
Net worth : $2 Million – $3 Million Dollars (approx.)
Social Media Presence : Instagram : 1.1m Followers
Twitter : 629.5k Followers
Twitch : Loserfruit
  • Her real Name is “Kathleen Veronica Belsten” and her stage name is “Loserfruit”.
  • Loserfruit got popular from playing and streaming Overwatch and Fortnite.
  • She received fame additionally boost from her membership in the renowned gaming collective known as the Click Crew.
  • She worked as an intern at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, before streaming.
  • She has a second channel called ‘Lufu’.
  • She launched her own Podcast titled ‘All In’ on her YouTube channel.
  • Loserfruit is in relationship with Marcus since 2017.
  • In an interview, she said that she gets sexually harassed by male subscribers.
  • She marked her first appearance on television in 2014, stepping into the spotlight in the Australian edition of the news-magazine program, ’60 Minutes.’

Early Life and Education

Kathleen Veronica Belsten (Loserfruit) was born on February 22nd, 1993, in Melbourne, Australia. In 2010, she completed her studies at ‘Flinders Christian Community College.’ The following year, Loserfruit pursued higher education at ‘RMIT University,’ graduating in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism.

On March 24, 2013, she established her YouTube channel, where she began sharing video game-related content. Subsequently, in June 2013, she embarked on an internship at the ‘Australian Broadcasting Corporation’ before ultimately transitioning into a full-time Twitch streamer.


Before fully committing to Twitch streaming, Loserfruit honed her skills as an intern at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Her streaming journey commenced with League of Legends on May 4, 2013, but her horizons expanded as she ventured into titles like Call of Duty (COD), Overwatch, and Fortnite, leading to a surge in her popularity.

By 2017, she had become a global internet sensation, celebrated for her humorous one-liners during streams and her gaming prowess. Following in the footsteps of gaming icon Ninja, she earned her very own Fortnite skin, the ‘Loserfruit Cosmetic and Bundle.’

Notably, she is an esteemed member of the ‘Click Crew,’ a prominent gaming collective featuring internet luminaries such as LazarBeam, Crayator, Muselk, and Marcus.

She also maintains a second channel called ‘Lufu,’ where she shares content related to travel, pranks, and life in the Click House, the group’s communal residence.

In 2020, she ventured into podcasting, launching ‘All In’ on her YouTube channel, a show co-hosted with fellow content creator Crayate.

Moreover, Loserfruit made headlines by announcing her role as an official athlete for ‘GymShark,’ a company specializing in athletic wear and influencer collaborations. She also showcased her talent as a voice actor on the Glitch Productions web series, Meta Runner. On her official website, she offers her merchandise to fans.


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