Your love blows like a wind in the mystic cloud,

It's a sweet smelling savour filled with sweetness and peace.

Your love burns like a candle that flickers but never dies.

Even during our struggles and tears', we are always meant to be, because the heavens choose us.

Even when our arguments rised like the waves of the ocean buzzing all around like honey bee, but the flames of our love  will never die.

You're everything I desire in a woman, you're everything I dream of, that's why I will always spend the remaining of my life with you.

Baby, I might have hurt you due to our past mistakes and errors, but trust me no one will never replace you in my heart.

My dream is to spend my life with you, I've search through everywhere, no one is as beautiful the way you're.

I don't care of your flaws, neither of your past error anymore, my dream is to become the perfect man and husband you have ever dreamt of.

That's why I'm willing to sacrifice anything you want, just to make you happy, and to just brighten your dazzling beautiful looks and make it really shiny and cheerful.

Baby you are my dream project, my juliet the only person who ignored all my flaws and accepted me the way I was.

Sometimes  I wonder how come you didn't even care about those things I've done in the past.

But you ignored them all totally, hmm, many people do say love is a mystery, some also said it's a mystery that travels through the nest.

Love is sweet, and it's a mystery that's filled with warmth, happiness, joy, health and wealth.

I would  love to share all my experiences, ever since I've met you and before I met you.

My life at first when I haven't found you my queen, it wasn't balance, my existence was nothing before in this world when I haven't found you.

But immediately I saw the glimpse of your face, I was palpitated for a bit, I don't know the kind of move to take, you were like an angel endowed with splendor and majesty.

You were the dream of everyman and nobody had the courage or mindset to approach you, your beauty is beyond what they can handle themselves.

My boldness is incomparable I had to ignore them all especially those one's that was saying negative things about you.

And you seeing me, you were also interested in me, my black mahogany eyes was something you couldn't just take your eyes off because, it was just too charming for you to withstand.

I hypnotize you also with my sweet pink lips dripping wet as if it was covered with honey, you immediately gave me a deep kissed that made my soul to travel to another world.

If I could bring back time those memories are something I can't let go of, because it worth more than gold and silver to me love.

Babe, our future is bright, you're the evidence of it, the mother of my children.


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