Love and Temptation: Biblical Metanarrative

The Bible can be a very intimidating book if it is something you are not familiar with, that is why metanarratives are important. For those not familiar, a metanarrative is a way to break down the story into four acts to help see the bigger picture of the story that is being told (Keen, 2019). The four acts involve the creation, fall, redemption, and new creation. Today we will be discussing the metanarrative of the Holy Bible focusing on love and temptation.

Adam and Eve

The Bible begins with in Genesis, telling God created the first set of humans on day six (Bible, 2017). Those humans, Adam and Eve, would go on to be the ancestors to all mankind. Adam and Eve had everything a human being would ever need with the Garden of Eden, God’s intended home for humankind. They just had to take care of the land and follow Gods one and only rule; never consume the fruits from the Tree of Knowledge. Everything was good until one fretful day Eve, off alone tending to her chores, was tempted by a serpent, the Devil, to eat off the forbidden tree. Eve fell for the trap and then went on to talk Adam into doing the same. Immediately, Adam and Eve knew they had messed up and thought they could hide from God as they were both ashamed and embarrassed for disobeying their Father. This made God, not only disappointed but also, angry. He kicked them out of the garden causing them and all their offspring to cursed by the Devine Punishment.


Not long after the disappointment caused by Adam and Eve, God could see that his greatest creations needed help. He looked upon Noah, who was the only righteous man left on Earth, to take on a job that would help save humanity. God instructed Noah to build him an ark and to collect seven clean and two unclean animals from every animal group. For one hundred- and fifty-days God flooded the earth. Noah sent out doves, testing rather or not it was safe to leave the ark. Upon leaving the ark, God blessed Noah and his sons, instructing them to repopulate the earth (The Events of the Great Flood: Genesis Eight).


Abraham, the next upon God’s list, was born into a family who served idols. God called upon Abraham, not once but twice. God instructed Abraham to find a new nation in unknown lands promising him that all his offspring would inherit the land. Abraham, married to Sarah, took off in search of the new nations. Convinced that Sarah was infertile, Abraham impregnates Haggar, Sarah’s maidservant, and son Ishmael is born. Not long after, Sarah becomes pregnant with Isaac. Isaac is the true heir the promise God made to Abraham (Abraham).

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ, born to virgin Mary, lived his days determined to spread the good word of his Father, God. Living in the world full of sinners, everybody thought Jesus was crazy. This soon led to the greatest sacrifice the world would ever know. Jesus finished all the missions given to him by God, which led his to be crucified on the cross for all to witness. His three apostles, Paul, Peter, and John, who witnessed the unspeakable went on to write about Jesus’s sinlessness and his great sacrifice. (Jesus of Nazareth).


Love is one of the greatest gifts that we have ever received from God. God is nothing but love. His whole purpose of creating humankind was so that he could have a family who He could share all his love with. The essence of love is selflessness, which looks for the good of others over the good of oneself. “He who does not love does not know God, for God is love” John 4:8 (Bible, 2017). God loves us so much that He gave his very own son, Jesus Christ, to all of us as our redeeming quality, one would say. It was His was of giving all of us another chance to redeem ourselves with hopes of one day living in eternity with Him in the homes he is preparing for us in Heaven. “For God loves us so much, He gave His only begotten son, for whoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have ever lasting life” John 3:16 (Bible, 2017).


Temptation is an enticement of sin but is not a sin itself. Sin occurs when temptation is given into (Moody, 2021). The bible acknowledges that we all experience temptation and that it does not make us bad people. The devil is the creator of temptation, in his attempt to work on the minds of those who have questions in their beliefs. When you read the bible, you will see that Peter warns us to ready and not to be surprised when the Devil puts temptation in our faces. “Therefore, submit to God, but resist the Devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7 (Bible, 2017).


The Bible is full of stories that one should use a guide on how to live their life. From the creation of humanity with the story of Adam and Eve to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, it is all just one big story being told. If one wishes to live in paradise for eternity with our Heavenly Father, the bible is the one and only true guide that will lead us in the right direction.



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