Love is amazing (Story)

*The Same Question*


“ Do you love me? ” She asked to his fiance on the day of her marriage.

“ More than my life, dear... ”


She asked this same question to him when he was found betraying her with another girl, “ Do you love me? ”


“ See, I know you're heartbroken, but the truth has to come out one day! ” said her husband.


“ Don't give excuses. Rather, tell straightly! ” she replied with a shattered voice.


“ I tried adjusting myself with you thinking about my lavish lifestyle with your wealth, but money can't buy love, you know right! ”


“ Oh really? You're giving me this lecture... who loved me all this time for my assets?! ”


“ See, I love her a lot and can't leave her! Even if I stay with you, my soul will be her's. ”


“ Who told you I'll let you stay with me despite knowing that you love somebody else? ”


“ Arey, Get lost. I still have half of your money as mine... You must be glad that I married you despite of your ugly skin problems” taunted he.


“ Okay then, live with my wealth, I'm going. Good bye and never come back. ”


It has been months since their separation and he had married his lover soon after their divorce. After that, there was no news about him.

Whereas, She had also established herself and moved on in her life forgetting all about her past. She again married with her business partner who was far more loyal to her and accepted her whole heartedly ignoring all her flaws, and they together live a happy life.


One day, she with her husband was out for a lunch date at a fine restaurant, when she was startled to spot her ex-husband, working as a floor cleaner at the same restaurant.

Though she hated him, she walked up to him for the sake of the relationship they had in past.


“ Carla, where have you been dear! I searched for you everywhere but there was no news of yours!” He exclaimed seeing her.


“ Hello Eduardo, actually I am too busy to keep contact with anyone. Well, do you work here as a cleaner? ”


“ Yupe, you see. That cheap girl dumped me for my money- ” before he could complete, Carla interrupted, “ My money, not yours. ”


“ Okay, leave that. Well, now you look prettier than you looked in past. Which make-up you use? ” he asked, rather taunted.


“ It's not make-up, it's my natural skin. Oh I forgot to tell you, I had a skin treatment few years back. ”


“ That's good. Now I have no hesitation to confess that I love you now also and want to start afresh with you. ”


“ It's too late now, as I'm already married, you see. ” she showed him her wedding ring.


“ I'm quite sure he's one of those who married you for wealth and will leave you soon, the same mistake that I did in my past. ”


“ Well, My husband is very caring and he only paid for my treatment. And regarding money, he is more richer than me. ” Telling this, she went to her husband, held his hand, and walked out of the restaurant proudly


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