Love Multi Color (Story)

       Kumar lived in a beautiful, scenic hamlet in his childhood, and the village-going man started his primary education at panchayat union school, where he was only a little far from studying from first to fifth grade, but he was a little too naughty, and in his class, the two-sex education system blossomed in that childhood, and the love of the child was in love.


          The school is run by the government and the high school itself is useful from six to ten years of study, and at this age, everything seems to have different thoughts, and in this age of Flower Buds, everything seems to have disappeared. Lam was desperate to achieve anything called milk, but he was less interested in studies and wanted to wear a multicolored sexy dress.


          He made many mistakes and punished the teacher, fought with friendships, and shed blood, but everything disappeared in an instant and began to smell like a flower, and he too went to the government higher secondary school to study higher secondary after completing his tenth grade and studying higher secondary, and gradually went forward, and here and there he was a love flower, blossoming and shaking his mind. Mind began to flutter, his legs began to sprout into lustful emotions, and everything he saw hid his eyes, and he was stunned, and his higher secondary studies came to an end.


    He went to college to continue his studies, but here, too, my love, which was a flower, matured and tormented him, but the suffering swelled, but in many ways he dissolved his parents' money into soap and wandered around for love, waiting for time, but the door opened, and he opened the door to someone else, and if he had a family with a titillating taste, he would not want to mark him. He began to forget and changed his mind.     


   He wanted to marry a new flower, and my parents married the girl they had finished, and he leads a life of heart. What you are told from this story is that love has many colors like a rainbow, and every season of ourselves, an act that does not appear and disappear must take it as a picture that has given us life and go through it all, so that we can succeed in this modern world. We need to develop the idea that it is good to turn off what comes into our lives. Everything from love to love in our lives is of many colors and we must learn to live life like colors.  


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