Madonna “Who’s that girl”

Madonnas song, “Who’s That Girl”, became the number one hit 34 years ago On August 22nd , 1987.  The original release date was June 23rd,  1987.  Madonna is known as the Queen of POP.  Patrick Leonard, with Sire Records , wrote and produced many of Madonna's hits.  Leonard wrote this song for Madonna. The sounded track became her sixth No. 1 single. The last time that Madonna performed the song live was September 6th, 1987 when the world tour "Who's That Girl" ended. Madonna also played in the Comedy movie "Who's That Girl".  The original name was going to be "Slammer" but they decided to change it to "Who's That Girl". James Foley directed the film and it was released August 7th, 1987. Supposedly many critics were very disappointed in the movie, which is surprising, considering her song was a number one hit. The soundtrack was very successful and it sold over six million copies worldwide.

James Foley said,

I was young, I was twenty-eight. So, being given the opportunity to work on a Warner Bros. film with a huge star was attractive to me for all the wrong reasons. Everyone has a bit of Hollywood lust in them. Warner Bros. approached me because they knew I knew Madonna and she had asked for me, and was convinced to do it. At Close Range was a dark film, and going towards comedy was totally the wrong direction. But I didn't care.

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Great read, I didn’t know all that information about Madonna

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When I first Started this article!

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