Magdalena blood salad

The first thing we do is to pour 50 grams of prunes and 50 grams of raisins in hot water, we keep them up to one minute and immediately drain the water.

Dried fruits should soften a little.

The first layer grate 500 grams of boiled beets on a coarse grater, then make a mesh of mayonnaise.
If the beets will have a lot of liquid, it should be slightly squeezed.

The second layer - finely chopped prunes, again a grid of mayonnaise.

The third layer - boiled carrots, grated on a coarse grater, a grid of mayonnaise.

The fourth layer - raisins.

The fifth layer - 100 grams of hard cheese grated on a fine grater. Again, a grid of mayonnaise.

On top we decorate with chopped walnuts.
50 grams of nuts can be dried in the oven beforehand.

Let's put the salad in the fridge for 1 hour in order to soak it.

This salad is very tasty and easy to prepare.
Bon appetit, everyone!


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