Major social networks and services went down around the world

The media are reporting that various services around the world are failing: Twitter, Google, Amazon, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Telegram also works poorly for some users.

It became known that after WhatsApp went down, users moved to Telegram. The team of the messenger wrote that it works slowly, "but still hanging on."


At the same time in Germany not only individual social networks and messengers stopped working: problems are also observed in the leading telecom providers.


As writes The Verge, the problem is apparently in the DNS-service.


Companies themselves, including Facebook, have reported that they are already working on fixing the problems. They promise to get everything back to normal as quickly as possible.

TikTok is also reportedly down.


An Independent journalist said that DNS entries that tell systems how to find or were removed from the global routing tables this morning. Another reporter reported that Facebook's internal tools, including Workplace, were also down. All work at the company is down because of this.


UPD: Most likely, the outage on non-Facebook social networks happened because of an influx of users who lost access to WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. The main version now is that the failure only affects Facebook systems. Causes are not yet known. NY Times sources in the company's security service believe that it was not due to a hacker attack. 


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