Malaysia gathers Chinese agent to fight South China Sea invasion

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia late Monday brought Beijings' agent toward the Southeast Asian country in fight after Chinese vessels entered its sea monetary zone in the contested South China Sea. 


Kuala Lumpur gathered Chinese envoy Ouyang Yujing "to pass on Malaysia's position and dissent against the presence and exercises of Chinese vessels, including an overview vessel, in Malaysia's Exclusive Economic Zone", the unfamiliar service said in an assertion. 


The service blamed China for conflicting with nearby and global law with the presence of its boats off the bank of Sabah and Sarawak states, on the Malaysian piece of Borneo island. 


Monday's move was the second time this year Malaysia has gathered Beijing's emissary to fight Chinese action identified with the fervently challenged waters. 


In June, Malaysia mixed contender planes to capture 16 Chinese military airplanes that showed up off Borneo over the South China Sea, where it has covering regional cases with Beijing. 


Malaysia blamed China for breaking its sway, while Beijing said the flight was standard preparing. 


Malaysia-China relations are normally warm however have been unsettled by late strain raising episodes over the ocean, which is home to key transportation paths and is accepted to hold onto rich oil and gas stores. 


"Malaysia's reliable position and activities depend on worldwide law, with regards to our sway and sovereign rights in our waters," the unfamiliar service proclamation said Monday, adding the nation had "additionally challenged the past infringements by other unfamiliar vessels not our waters". 


China has made a case for practically the entirety of the South China Sea and has constructed various military stations on little islands and atolls, infuriating others with contending cases to the waters, including Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei and Taiwan.


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