Man know thyself

Blindness is the worst and deadly sickness in life.a man without eye is like a man without have eye to see but men of God tell you to close your eyes, restricting you from knowing things concerning the cosmos. All in the name of prayer.

   If you want to remain blind then appreciate the words of pastoral deceivers and blind for life.The men of God claimed they know all, that's why they tag themselves men of God rather than children of God. Men of God are Superior and the members are inferior that's why the superiority in them place them in an altar(upper stage) in the church, and the lower place for members.

   Oh! What an unequal world created by man.Even women are subjected as a slave to some men that tag themselves God, verify as an evidence , from the mythical story of 1st Corinthians 14:34. The word, 'equity 'can never show it appearance to humans, so far as God is a man.

   Man know thyself from awakening from the blindness that men put you into..Go for your mind, and don't be a subject or inferior to another man. We are all born superior and equal, therefore we are GODS witth capital letters all throughout 

By Robert Dearjohn



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