Marvel fans respond to new Consider the possibility that… ? scene

Caution: The accompanying contains spoilers for Consider the possibility that… ? scene 3! Dismiss now in case you're not all up to speed with the Disney In addition to series! 


The most recent scene of Wonder's Consider the possibility that… ? was abnormally severe, with five Vindicators meeting their closures across the runtime. It turned out Hank Pym was behind the homicides, contracting additional little to kill the legends suddenly and completely after his girl Expectation was killed on a Safeguard mission. Scratch Anger ultimately sorted out the plot with assistance from Dark Widow and Loki, however the joke artist god wound up assuming control over the world (normally). 


While the initial two scenes of Imagine a scenario where… ? were genuinely fun and cheerful, this scene got dull… and fans aren't exceptionally glad about what they saw. 


"Wonder is so wiped out and wound for this," said one fan, complete with photos of the killed Vindicators. 


"Wonder truly figured "how might we break their hearts? Gracious I know," said another fan, alongside a picture of the legends' caskets. 


"wonder did you truly make me watch tony unmistakable kick the bucket once more," another fan asked,  while another subtitled photos of Natasha's final resting place and grave in Black Widow with "definitely that"s enough mcu for me. farewell world" 


"I'M CRYING alright?!" said another person on Twitter, while another tweeter basically inquired "WHAT WAS THE Explanation Marvel ???" 


One fan could see the entertaining side, be that as it may: "Hank Pym did in under seven days what Thanos and Loki never could lmao" 


What If… ? progresses forward Disney In addition to now, with the following Wonder Stage 4 delivery, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, showing up solely in venues this September 3. Meanwhile, look at how to watch Marvel films to find a workable pace on the MCU.


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