Media revealed Kim Jong-un's secret hobby

Every few months, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un mysteriously disappears from public space, generating a wave of rumors. Journalists at The Times speculate that during this time he is engaged in his hobby of industrial design. An article to this effect was published on Tuesday, October 12.

According to the journalists, Kim Jong-un began to design bottles, cargo ships, company logos and school uniforms.

To support these facts, journalists referred to new photos of Kim Jong-un, which showed him with a notebook in his hands at an industrial design exhibition in Pyongyang. After analyzing these pictures from the exhibition, reporters found that the country's leader spent at least 25 days studying the 110 works of the participants.

The past event was attended by artists from North Korea, who presented their own diverse design projects to the public.

It is also reported that the DPRK leader studied the concepts of two new tourist destinations.


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