Mini Pupper compact dog-shaped robot

In just a few days, the project received more than $250,000 in investments, many times the $20,000 needed to start production.

The main goal of the new Mini Pupper open-source robot dog will be to popularize robotics, using the device to train both specialists and enthusiasts. The novelty is offered at a significantly lower price ($589) than its full-size "counterpart" from Boston Dynamics (from $74.5 thousand).

Mini Pupper dimensions are 209 mm in length, 109 mm in width and 165 in height. The mass of a miniature robot is 560 grams. Autonomous operation is provided by a battery with a capacity of 800 mAh. MangDang supplies kits for self-assembly, as well as fully ready-to-use Mini Pupper models.

The Mini Pupper's hardware base runs on a Raspberry Pi 4B processor, has a built-in LiDAR module, and has 12 degrees of freedom. The head end of the device has a tiny 240x320 monitor capable of displaying customizable emoticons.

Consumers will also be able to adjust the pace of the Mini Pupper, making the device jump and run. The battery provides up to 25 minutes of continuous operation. For an additional fee, users will be able to purchase advanced kits and documentation, allowing them to print individual parts to the 3D printer to expand the device's functions. The first Mini Puppers will reach customers as early as November of this year.



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