Mismatches (story)

His thoughts were in constant transformations and modifications, he felt in reprisal without technological or sexual advents, it was the same silence in his conscience, we had no answers, he had been run over by a train, and at every moment information came from the future, in the form of a writer is the same blind shooting of twenty-seven years ago, it was the social cannibalism, devouring a child who emanated his fluids of abstraction in mind to others. It was the eclipse and the apocalypse at the same time, the cruelest of humans had been demonstrated, in crooked lines and in the ambition of a broadcaster to achieve a world empire of information, but these should be purified and transformed into wisdom, and that was what that child over the years learned to purify his thoughts to transform into knowledge and wisdom.

They tried to kill him, day after day, to die with his own words, with his own mistakes, he really wanted to live without worrying about the others, but survival was complicated, the country was in chaos, discredited by others, a peaceful civilization raised slanders about him, he didn't know the essence, the truth is that they were blinded by the fantasy he absorbed in the low frequencies of audible transmissions, no matter how hard he tried he would survive, he would tell his legacy of glory, and how he defeated the enemy, for he won, he did more than survive, the warrior of God, he could not be slaughtered by vipers that called themselves servants, the youth was all corrupted, the piteous influence of the content that was transmitted throughout the programming, influenced the nation, without truths or half words, the Divine miracle by God had arrived, the man had been transformed into an Angel.

The purification of his conscience made him find the Kingdom of Heaven, God in His most intimate form inhabiting the conscience of this man who had started the principle of immersion in Christian teachings, it was the only truth that prevailed, because there were three, four, five knocks at his door, and he couldn't be knocked down, a beautiful woman, of sublime intelligence, friendly, kind, educated, but restricted in her conjectures flirted with his emotion, and in his emotions he dwelt with God and his family, ventured into his undergraduate studies, developed some computational solutions, but life seemed piteous, his professional life, he wanted to fly higher, farther, his childhood dream had returned latent and he discovered that it was the purpose of Superior, alternatively in his academic concept, he mined cryptocurrencies, tested systems security, but this was human life, the celestial life was the reports that should be written periodically about the collective thinking, the intrigues and the misfortunes, they were not weak virtues, he denied himself, in his anguish, when the problem became silent, he surrendered his body, mind and heart to the Divine so that He could make his dwelling, and so it happened.

He achieved the balance of body, mind and spirit, he was aware of all subsequent events, for he had the ability to unfold in time, his family had been graced by the divine gene, he was a poor boy at the beginning of the conquest of Luana Moraes, without a penny in his pocket, but with a desire to change and limitation at the same time, she was cordial and totally elegant, he found her beautiful from head to toe, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in person, it could not be a mistake or the first of fate, he asked the Lord, "God grant me the hand of this woman.

He lived the human paradox, sometimes he entered into a war between the minds of men, to balance the tuning of the malignant in the absorption of third parties to get content about the lives of others, "however", this was not how it should happen, the fact was simply important, we satisfied the riches of intellectuality, and in this apotheosis, we were simple men, who survived, not torpid capital dilemmas, it was the hand of the clock passing and God providing all the solutions, it was not simply a celestial aristocracy, because in this way you are not a rebel, if the same is King, you are a passive place for the entry of all, and for saving all, that unfolded in time, and already in the hallucinogenic was not necessary to take refuge was happening little by little, until it was fully expanded the dilemma of war, as raw and cruel, as the ambitious.

The next few years were of bonanza, the Lord Christ, had given the date of his death, a future far away, along with immortality, not out of vanity, but out of desire of the flesh.


"Tortured words that come to the heart, today I hear the voice of the Lord in solitude,

In my room a light enters, it's God making his presence felt, subtly in his sovereignty

my emotions today are yours, elegant beings, conquerors of the universe,

we were out there, walking among the stars, neutralizing the black mass,


They were wise virtues, but also unsympathetic, I no longer had anyone by my side,

only you, oh God, whom I doubted so long ago, and if you knew by nature, you would be the spring

of a youth that never was.


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