Mobile Phone : A boon or bane?

As we all know that Science has made many inventions in the history and has changed the lives of human beings completely. Mobile phone is one of such inventions which came as a turning point in human's life. After the invention of mobile phone, the whole lifestyle of human beings has changed both in negative and positive way.


Mobile phones are a boon as it has made our lives easier and comfortable. It is the quickest means of communication. We can have access to internet easily and which provides us various facilities like online banking, buying tickets, paying bills, applying for jobs and admissions, etc. Mobile phone is a great source of knowledge as we can get information about anything in just a few seconds. Nowadays, mobile phones are being used on a large scale for multipurposes and this it made our life more comfortable. 


For students also, it is very beneficial as they can study over internet and can get a lot of study material over  there. They can also search for various jobs and applications over internet. In this pandemic, mobile phones have made easy for the students as they can attend the online classes and hence it helped to continue the student's school life in this situation also. 


But as we know that excess use of anything is bad. Nowadays, some people spent their most of the time using mobile phones which gives a very bad impact on their minds. Many people use mobile phones for entertainment and hence get addicted to it. However, students also use mobile phones for chatting, and on social networking sites rather than spending their time in study. These all activities divert their minds from study and hence mobile phones are also responsible for students not achieving their targets in their lives. 


Thus, mobile phones also acts as a bane as its overuse can lead to its addiction. They radiate light which can damage our eyes if used for a longer period of time. Children are interested in playing online games rather than outdoor games which is not good for their health and their growing minds. So, it is important to regulate the use of mobile phones. 


Youngsters also spend their precious time on mobile phones which is also not good for the future of the count. Mobile phones also have a very bad impact on our health and thus should be used carefully. They also diverts our minds from our responsibilities of our daily life. So, everyone should use the mobile phones carefully which is possible only with its regulated use. Parents should also take care that their children should not get addicted to mobile phones. 


I short, we can say that mobile phone is a boon if it is used in a productive way but it is a bane if it is misused. It have both advantages and disadvantages so it is better to limit the use of mobile phones according to our needs. It is also right that we cannot deny its necessity in today's world. 

Ratna raju - Aug 30, 2021, 5:40 PM - Add Reply

Nice article

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thank you

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