New Android apps and games: the best of September

1.Schedule Mate.

This program will help boost your productivity. The idea is to visualize your tasks so that they are always in front of your eyes and you can see at a glance how much time a task will take you. Create several categories, such as "Work," "Homework," "Sports," and so on. And then add cases and give them deadlines. They will be displayed on a circular colored chart, clearly showing which activities you should pay attention to first.


Schedule Mate - easy planning, time management app


Price: Free

2. tallTaskk.

If the previous pie chart app seems not intuitive enough for you and you prefer a good old-fashioned to-do list, try TallTaskk. The program is as simple as possible: add a task, set a deadline and get to work. Plus, it automatically sorts your to-do's into three categories: have a deadline, no deadline, completed. No accounts or registrations.


TallTaskk: To-Do List


Price: Free


This is an interval timer with extensive customization options. It has a total of two presets, but that's okay because you can create as many workouts of your own as you want. You can assign colors to them, set random activity and rest periods, and share complexes with friends. And also integrate them with apps like Spotify, YouTube, Audible and so on to combine certain types of exercises with the right music. The program is free and ad-free.


Wit - Workout Interval Timer


Price: Free

4. Privacy Dashboard.

Android 12 has a new Privacy Dashboard feature that shows you when an app accesses your camera, microphone, or geolocation. The presented program is a counterpart to this privacy manager for earlier versions of the OS.


The app displays an icon at the edge of your smartphone screen when an app tracks your location or records video and sound - you can promptly revoke the permissions given to the apps. Useful for those who don't want to be tracked. Privacy Dashboard itself does not spy on users and is open source.


Privacy Dashboard


Price: Free


Let's say you bought some thing and realized you didn't need it. Instead of letting it gather dust in your closet, you can give it to someone else and get something more useful with


This program allows you to swap things with other users. You create an ad, stating what you want to give away and what you would like to get in return. Then you browse the options, negotiate with the owners of the items you want, and in the end, everyone gets what they want. No shopping, just bartering. - exchanging items nearby


Price: Free of charge

6. Audio Editor Pro

A free but quite functional audio editing application. It allows you to trim audio files, change their volume, convert them to other formats and add various effects. The interface is simple and intuitive. Of course, Audacity is not quite as good as the desktop version, but if you need to do something with your own sound, this program will do just fine.


Audio Editor Pro - Free Music Editor, Sound Editor


Price: Free

7. AceScreen

AceScreen allows you to keep the screen of your smartphone from turning off by itself. The program detects when you are holding the gadget in your hand and does not allow it to deactivate the display backlight. Or tracks movement in space - you can attach your smartphone to the handlebars of your bike and use it on the go without having to periodically touch the screen. Pretty useful stuff.


AceScreen: Stay awake, my screen!


Price: Free.

8. Barquode

A program for working with all sorts of barcodes and QRs. It allows scanning, decoding, saving graphic combinations. Also - to create your own codes. Barquode has a nice interface and a lot of options.


Barquode | Matrix Manager


Price: Free

9. Camo

An application capable of turning your old smartphone into a webcam. Install the program on your computer, sync with the client on your mobile device - and you can communicate with your friends in Zoom, Skype and other services. The only hitch: you can't attach your smartphone to the monitor like you attach your regular webcam. But this problem can be easily solved with an inexpensive stand.


Camo - webcam for Mac and PC


Price: Free

10. Mr. Rumble

A stealth action game in which you play as a burglar trying to steal diamonds from guarded premises. You are opposed by policemen, who need to be carefully circumvented, tricked, distracted or lured into traps. Many events here are completely random, so you won't get bored. The game has funny cartoon graphics and simple controls.


Mr Rumble - Stealth Action


Price: Free


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