New apps and games for iOS: the best of September


1. Pomodory.

A minimalistic Pomodoro timer to help you be more productive and cope better with your job duties or studies. You can set the duration of the sessions and view statistics. Otherwise - nothing superfluous.

2. runableTraining.

A running app that contains several popular programs for different levels of training. runableTraining offers a convenient schedule with weather forecasts, detailed statistics, a pace calculator, and everything you need to train.

3. meddify

Handy reminder with a nice design and a lot of interesting features, thanks to which you will not forget about taking medication. Notifications have instructions and dosage, and you can mark that you took a pill, right from the lock screen, without going to the app. In addition, Meddify provides prompts with medication storage conditions and information about when it's time to refill your medicine cabinet. A shopping list is also available.

4. Cibo

A useful app for all those who like to try unfamiliar foods while traveling. With Cibo you can point your smartphone camera at the menu and see on the screen how a particular food looks like. This will help you understand if it is worth ordering.



The Lord of the Rings: War

A global military strategy game set in the magical Middle-earth. Choose one of the factions, hire a commander and join the battle for the Ring of Power to rule the world until the end of time. Build fortifications, gather troops and expand your holdings to build up your forces for the decisive battle.

2. Pokémon UNITE.

A multiplayer combat arena where the best Pokémon trainers can challenge each other and prove their superiority. Five-on-five team battles take place on the island of Aeos, where pets gain new abilities. Multiplayer with Nintendo Switch players is supported.

3. Actraiser Renaissance

A re-release of the popular Super Nintendo game that combines action-platformer and strategy. As the god of light, you must destroy the evil monsters, repopulate the liberated lands, and lead humanity to prosperity.

4. Time's Up in Tiny Town

A simple looking city-building simulation in which you have to solve the difficult task of keeping the balance. Build houses for settlers, extract resources and distribute them intelligently to both increase the population and prevent the planet from depleting.

5. Tsuki's Odyssey.

A lazy farm simulator with a charming visual style in which you can watch the measured life of Zuki the rabbit. He grows carrots, fishes, and explores the world while meeting new friends and having fun.


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