New variant of coronavirus 10% more contagious than delta

Scientists are keeping a close eye on a new subtype of the virus that was first seen in the UK.
On October 15, British health authorities reported that they are closely monitoring the spread of a subtype of the delta variant called AY.4.2 (delta plus) in the country. Data already available suggest that AY.4.2 is about 10 to 15 percent more contagious than its predecessor, the delta variant.
According to The Daily Mail, the new virus subtype is responsible for about 10 percent of covid cases in England as of Oct. 9, but these figures may not be accurate.
    Meanwhile, back in mid-September, the numbers were about 4 percent, indicating a rapid rate of spread of this variant.
AY.4.2 has two mutations in its S-protein, which may increase its ability to spread and survive in humans, but whether this is the case remains to be seen. Despite this, scientists suggest that vaccines are still capable of protecting against this variant of the virus, so AY.4.2 has not yet been named a "variant of concern." At the same time, experts do not rule out that AY.4.2 may be contributing to the current surge in covid disease in the United Kingdom.
AY.4.2 has also been found outside the United Kingdom in the United States, Denmark and Israel.


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