Not just for meatballs: interesting minced meat dishes

Ground meat is an ingredient that can be used to make many different tasty dishes. If you're tired of cutlets, it's time to try some new and interesting recipes. 



This very tasty and hearty dish comes from France, 


5 eggs;

400 grams of minced meat;

1 tomato and cucumber;

1 tbsp. vegetable oil;

2 tbsp. mayonnaise;

Salt, pepper to taste.

Salt and pepper the stuffing to taste. Add one egg and mix well. Divide the mass into two equal parts. Spread one on a piece of cling film in a circle about the size of a pan, in which the brisole will be fried. 


Beat two eggs, salt and pepper them. Then pour them into a flat dish. On top, gently put minced meat with the foil up, then remove it. 


Grease a well heated frying pan with oil. Slide the stuffing from the plate with the egg so that the egg is at the bottom. Fry for 2 minutes on medium heat on one side, turn over and fry on the other side for 4 minutes. 


Put egg side down on a plate, brush with mayonnaise or sauce, top with chopped cucumber and tomato. Fold the edges of the brisole in the center and fix with green onions or onion rings. Fry the second brisole in the same way. 



This interesting Middle Eastern dish has an original taste. To prepare it, you need to take: 


400 g of minced meat;

170 grams of bulgur;

1 onion;

400 ml of water (boiling water);

5 tbsp. yogurt;

100 g cucumber;

2 cloves garlic:

15 g cilantro;

1/2 tsp. sweet paprika;

1/2 tsp. dried mint;

salt, pepper to taste.

Rinse bulgur thoroughly, pour boiling water over it, let it stand for 10-15 minutes. Put on a small fire, salt and cook for about 10 minutes until the water evaporates. Add spices, finely chopped onion, salt and mix. 


Ready bulgur divide into three equal parts. Put two of them to the stuffing and mix. Add minced garlic, finely chopped coriander and mint. Divide the mass into 12 equal parts. Roll balls from each and then roll them in the remaining bulgur. Thread three balls on skewers, put them on a foil-lined and oiled baking tray. Bake for 45 minutes at 180 degrees. 



This is a very tasty and spectacular dish that can be served on the holiday table. To try it, you will need: 


500 g of minced meat;

100 ml of milk;

1 egg;

50 g of white bread;

150 g of mushrooms;

100 g cheese;

1 onion;

salt, spices to taste.

In a deep bowl put the minced meat and add the egg, chopped onion, salt, spices. Pour small slices of bread with milk and let stand. Then squeeze and combine the bread with minced meat, mix well. Finely chop mushrooms, fry and salt to taste, then cool. Add grated cheese.


In muffin tins put a small amount of minced meat, then make a hollow in it, forming the walls. Put the mushrooms and cheese inside, add some minced meat on top and press down well. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 180 degrees. You can decorate the mashed potatoes with a pastry bag and sprinkle with herbs.


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