OnePlus Co-Founder might launch a brand new Android phone In 2022

2022 might be an exciting 12 months for Android fans, as a new rumor indicates OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei is developing a 'not anything' cellphone. Any longtime OnePlus followers will realize the business enterprise has taken a few massive shifts in current years. While OnePlus began out as an fanatic brand targeted on massive specs and occasional expenses, it is in a very exceptional area today. Carl Pei left the corporation in October 2020, OnePlus is making ready to merge its OxygenOS platform with Oppo's ColorOS, and its product lineup is now very harking back to another predominant smartphone emblem.


Quickly after departing OnePlus closing year, Carl Pei introduced his very own tech enterprise referred to as 'nothing.' nothing's first product ended up being a pair of genuine wi-fi earbuds — known as the not anything Ear (1). The earbuds didn't receive best reviews, however they have been broadly speaking praised for handing over properly audio, a stunning layout, and a aggressive charge. Now, nothing is getting ready to set its sights on some thing plenty bigger.

What to anticipate From A not anything Android smartphone


Although this report would not proportion any concrete information about the nothing cellphone, it's now not difficult to assume what it is able to entail. If the Ear (1) earbuds are any indication of not anything's hardware goals, a smartphone from the employer may be absolutely lovely. Nothing's earbuds are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and their obvious design with neatly packed internals is beyond stunning. If nothing's smartphone manages to provide that identical blend of practicality with a unique aesthetic, it is able to have a sturdy layout lead over a great deal of the opposition. It's also secure to assume the Android enjoy of the not anything phone would be harking back to the vintage OxygenOS — that's to mention, a inventory-like interface, sturdy customization alternatives, and pick few feature add-ons to hold it light-weight.


It's honestly fun to invest approximately Carl Pei returning to the phone area, however how much weight does this rumor clearly carry? There is actually a chunk to it. Bear in mind that not anything obtained vital lower back in February — a purchase that covered all the latter corporation's logos, emblems, and other branding fabric. While essential become short-lived, the essential PH1 changed into a quite strong Android handset. The employer also teased its task GEM successor in past due 2019, although it was in the end scrapped following vital's short dying. Nothing additionally introduced in advance this week a $50 million partnership with Qualcomm. In a press release, not anything says the price range might be used for "studies and development in guidance for the logo’s entry into new product categories as part of its ecosystem."


It is totally viable this record is incorrect and a not anything cellphone does not exist. But, all signs are currently pointing to the opposite being proper. If the rumored nothing cellphone is actual, 91Mobiles says to anticipate "teasers and reports" coming within the following few weeks.


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