pancakes with milk [Recipe]

I'm not going to give you a long description of what pancakes are, I think you all know. Pancakes can be yeast and yeast-free, and we are going to make simple yeast-free pancakes with milk. The only question I have is what to call them, pancakes or still pancakes, if we are talking about thin pancakes. I always thought that a pancake is a thinly fried batter in a pan, and a pancake is a pancake with a filling. However, after digging into the history of this dish, I am inclined to the fact that we will cook with you today thin pancakes with milk. Because traditional Russian pancakes were baked from a thick yeast dough and were quite thick. Thin pancakes came to us from France, and became known as pancakes, they can be with or without any filling, because only thin pancakes you can wrap the filling. And although everything seems to be clear with the word, I sometimes still continue to call thin pancakes - pancakes.


And now directly about the recipe. When it comes to thin pancakes, probably the biggest controversy is whether or not to put baking soda or leavening agent in the batter. So, in unleavened pancake batter do not put any leavening agent, the pancakes are thin due to the consistency of the dough, and the holes in them you get, if you just warm the pan well. In general, in this recipe I will try to tell you about the various little things and subtleties of making thin pancakes with milk. I hope that after this you will succeed, because there is nothing complicated about it.


I want to note that if you have planned to make a pancake cake, then this recipe is not very suitable, here the pancakes turn out though thin, but quite dense, it is ideal to make pancakes with filling. For pancake cake, it is better to make thin pancakes with holes in kefir, the pancakes are thicker and more delicate.


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