Passage reviews Horse Mach-Es over hazard of glass rooftop taking off

Passage is reviewing the Horse Mach-E out of worry that the windshield and all encompassing rooftop could release or, more awful, come taking off during an accident or while driving. Almost 18,000 of the electric SUVs offered to date are in danger of the previous, however Passage says something like 13,000 of them risk the rooftop isolating. 


The organization will begin giving proprietors review guidelines in late October, and it says it doesn't know about any mishaps or wounds identified with the deformity. Passage at first began reviewing Horse Mach-E SUVs last week in Canada, as Electrek revealed. 


Passage told the Public Interstate Traffic Security Organization recently that it had become mindful that the windshield and all encompassing top of the Horse Mach-E may not be as expected clung to the vehicle. The organization said it doesn't yet know the reason for the issue.


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The review is only the most recent hiccup in the rollout of the Horse Mach-E, which is the Detroit automaker's first mass-market electric vehicle. Portage reviewed many the primary Mach-Es sold in Spring subsequent to finding free subframe bolts. A considerable lot of the main conveyances were postponed, as well, while the organization straightened out its quality checks. Some early vehicles were additionally tormented by a product issue that prompted the 12-volt battery kicking the bucket. 


All encompassing glass rooftops have turned into a famous component in new electric vehicles, particularly after Tesla began making them standard on its vehicles. Tesla knows about the issue Portage is running into now, as well, as the organization managed glass rooftop issues with the Model Y SUV, including one that in a real sense brushed off on the interstate. Truth be told, Passage's head of electric vehicles even went after Tesla after this occurred, as Electrek calls attention to.


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