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The only aspect that determines the quality of your life: a quote from psychiatrist Viktor Frankl

Found a profound, wise quote from psychiatrist Viktor Frankl on the internet about what determines quality of life. You yourself have probably thought about it more than once, analyzed whether your life is that good, compared it to the conditions in which other people live and came to certain conclusions.

In the media they often say: a quality life is access to education, medicine, housing and a secure old age. Can we call Russia's realities a quality life?Some people will confidently say, yes, of course. Someone will think about it and doubt, and someone will say that medicine and education in our country are only imitation, housing does not meet the needs of the day, and you can't live on a pension.

It seems that we do not go hungry, but life is not very pleasing. It is a joyful life only for those who take care of their money.

Writer Viktor Pelevin came to the conclusion that a high-quality life means natural food and healthy sleep, absence of stress, living in one's own rhythm, close to nature. Only retired oligarchs can afford this. All those who have millions in their accounts, but whose lives are spent on flights, in traffic jams and in the walls of concrete boxes, even in the center of the capital - are deprived of quality of life.

So it turns out that 99% of the world's population is doomed to a miserable existence?

That's not quite true. Quality is not measured by money, status, or position. These molds do not fit.

Viktor Frankl's theory

Viktor Frankl, an Austrian psychiatrist of Jewish descent, experienced firsthand the truth of Nietzsche's phrase that all that does not kill us makes us stronger.

Life brought Frankl down to the bottom, plunged him into crisis, but even in this darkness he found opportunities for personal growth. Frankl devoted himself to scientific works concerning the power of thinking and persuasion. He was 100% convinced that survivorship is not a healthy body, but a strong spirit. His fate is the best proof of his theory.

In 1941, Frankl faced a choice: fly to the United States, as he had a visa, or go to a concentration camp with his relatives. Against the possibility of escaping from hell, the psychiatrist chose the hard path. He understood: His family needed his support more than ever. He was confident that he could get through any ordeal.

Where did such fearlessness come from? Was positive thinking really a shield against many troubles?

Frankl later wrote that his strength was running out, he could barely tolerate pain, hunger and cold, his body was frostbitten and covered with inflammation. The situation was hopeless.

But the man imagined every day standing in a spacious, warm, bright hall in front of a huge audience and giving a lecture on "Group Psychotherapeutic Experiences in a Concentration Camp," sharing his personal experience - what he had gone through.

It was in the concentration camp that Frankl met Karl Fleischmann, who provided psychological care to incoming prisoners, his work consisted in ridding them of the initial shock, to instill the belief that life goes on.

Viktor Frankl writes:

"You can lose everything in life except one thing: the freedom to choose your reaction to what happens.

This is what determines the quality of our life - not wealth or poverty, not fame or obscurity, not health or suffering.

The quality of our life is determined by the way we relate to realities, by the meaning we ascribe to them, by the state of mind they create for us.

The Indian spiritual leader Osho famously said:

Who cares who is stronger, who is smarter, who is prettier, who is richer? After all, at the end of the day, all that matters is whether you are happy or not.

A quality life is about feeling happy, peaceful, stable, believing that tomorrow will be even better than yesterday. And this confidence is shaped by our thoughts.

One might consider Frankl just lucky, because many people, not just him, wanted to survive. Perhaps, I will not argue. But his words make you think, don't they?


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