Plagiarism and Textual Background

As regards writing, these two concepts, plagiarism and Textual Backgrounds, have been totally misunderstood, mistaken and also misused. Many people tends to mistake Textual Backgrounds for plagiarism and many more people mistake plagiarism for Textual Backgrounds.
Writers, poets, editors and other scribal artists have been on the increase and have also been on the decrease, all for the cause of the misunderstanding of this two concepts, in name, plagiarism and Textual Backgrounds.
What is Textual background? No idea? Yes, this is where the real problem actually begins, doing things you know nothing about automatically makes you and it wrong. 
Textual background is inspirational based, it is believed that no one just gets ideas or knowledge or inspirational quotes from nowhere. What is glaring about textual background is, the name explains itself, every article a blogger puts up was inspired from somewhere, every poem, story, novel, news were all inspired from a place. It is a total different case from Plagiarism, we are not there yet but we will get there. 
As regards textual backgrounds, there is no fault. Just one road accident (textual background) can inspire four newspapers to publishing. The war between Russia and Ukraine can inspire fifthy books in the next hundred years, this same article can inspire many more and many more. This is why when it comes to textual background there is absolutely no law, there is freedom of imagination creativity and dexterity.
So, we are finally here, now, what is Plagiarism? Before we go far, plagiarism is a crime, it is a literary theft. 
Plagiarism is the act of copying another person's ideas, text, or other creative work, and presenting it as one's own, especially without permission. This definition speaks the difference and mistake between textual background and plagiarism. If someone copy's an article directly and then publish it on space and takes the credit that is called Plagiarism.
(You might need to go back to read textual background from the beginning to fully grasp what point have actually been drawn)
Plagiarism is all fault.
*Copying everything to the dots and tees. 
*Not giving credits.
*Earning from another person's work.
*Laziness and theft
Plagiarism is when Dailynews lifts an exact article from PunchNews and publish.
In conclusion, if you must understand writing and all what it entails you must first understand what plagiarism and Textual background is all about.
Note, textual background comes in singular and plural, Textual background is singular, meaning the inspiration behind the story or article came from a definite source. While, Textual background(s) is plural not for English sake but it's plural because the inspiration behind the story behind came from different and diverse sources.


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