Pork pilaf in the multicooker




Pork 400 

Rice 1 

Onions 2 

Carrots 1 

Vegetable oil 30 

Water 2 

Salt to taste

Dry spices to taste


Cooking time:

  1 h 15 min




Step 1.

How to make pork pilaf in a multicooker? Prepare all the necessary ingredients for making pilaf. Use long-grain rice. You can take steamed rice. The good thing about long-grain rice is that it does not boil over. You can use any boneless part of the pork. For the mildest flavour, use pork with as little fat as possible.


Step 2.

Cut the pork into small pieces, about the same size. If the meat has been frozen, thaw it first. Preheat the bowl of the multicooker until hot by turning it to broil for 30 minutes. Pour the vegetable oil into the bowl. Place the sliced pork in the hot oil and fry until golden. At the beginning of frying the juice will run out of the meat but this will evaporate very quickly and the meat will start to brown.


Step 3.

While the meat is roasting, deal with the vegetables. Peel the onion and carrot and chop them. Grate the carrots on a coarse grater and chop the onions. Do not chop very finely. If you like your vegetables to be more tangible, you can simply chop the carrots in slices.



Step 4.

Add the chopped vegetables to the meat in a bowl. Fry everything together for 3-5 minutes, stirring occasionally, so that nothing gets burnt.



Step 5.

Rinse rice well a few times in cool water. The water should remain clear after rinsing. Drain any excess water.


Step 6.

Add the rinsed rice to a bowl Pour hot water over the rice. Why hot water? This is to avoid a sudden change in the temperature of the meat. Otherwise it runs the risk of getting tough. And in hot water, the rice will immediately begin to cook. Add salt and pilaf spices to taste. If desired, at this stage, you can add some garlic to the bowl. Close the lid of the multicooker and turn on the "Bake" mode for 20 minutes.


Step 7.

After the set time, the multicooker will give a sound signal. The dish is ready! Stir the pilaf, put it on the plates and serve.


Step 8.

Bon appetit!


Please note that the cooking times and modes in the recipe are approximate. All multicookers work differently and even identical models from the same manufacturer may have different characteristics. Before cooking a new dish in your multicooker, read the instructions carefully and then practice cooking the dishes you are familiar with first, then the new ones, adjusting the mode and time.


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