PUBG Mobile Maps Guide: A Look At Every Map In The Mobile Battle Royale

PUBG Mobile has established itself as one of the premier mobile battle royale games, bringing the full PUBG experience to your phone since its launch in December 2017. The last four years have seen a ton of new content hit the game, meaning new or lapsed players might need some help dropping back in.


This guide provides a brief breakdown of each of the game's four battle royale maps, offering the best drop locations and a few other tips to get your PUBG Mobile experience going.


Erangel is the original PUBG map, the one that players have been fighting for chicken dinners on since the beginning. It's an 8x8 map with a few city areas separated by vast open land. The southern part of the map is an isolated island area housing a military base, connected to the mainland through two small bridges. If you don't land at the military base to begin with, and the circle doesn't force you down there, it'd be best to just stay away from that area for the entire match

A few good places to land are:


Quarry, located on the southwest portion of the mainland just north of Primotsk, is a flat area with a few isolated buildings. There's enough loot to get you started--especially if you find an occasional rare drop--and unless the safe zone is in the extreme northeast you won't have to travel terribly far to make it to safety in time. Be wary of other players landing here though, as the flat terrain makes jumping out into the open risky.

Military Base, located on that southern island connected only by two bridges, is where you land when you want to start your match with as much chaos as possible. The massive base is home to some great loot, but other players in the game know this as well. The early game becomes a race to the best guns when you land at the base, so if you like high action from the start you'll have a field day here.

School, located near the center of the map, is another high-volume area when a match first begins, but unlike the Military Base this location is nearly dead center on the map. This means you can gear up and take down a few enemies while never being too far away from the safe zone. If you can fend off the other players who will inevitably drop here with you, you'll be sitting pretty in the late game no matter where the circle lies.


Miramar is a barren map set in the desert, meaning that there's very little greenery around to protect from long-range weaponry. There are towns of course, Los Leones and Pecado among them, but outside of those towns the area is flat and empty. If you can loot a sniper rifle or similar long-range weapon you're going to have a good time, otherwise stick to buildings and only move when you're out of the safe zone.


Three places to think about when you first land are:

Water Treatment, located just north of the map's center. It's a small location, but it still holds a decent amount of loot to get you started. At most you'll have two or three opponents landing here with you, not nearly as many as dropping as places like Los Leones, so early game skirmishes should be manageable. Also, being so close to the center of the map, you can gauge how far you'll have to travel to get into the first safe zone--if you're not in it already--and plan accordingly.

Directly southeast of El Azahar, which is located in the northeastern part of the map, are a few circular standalone buildings overlooking the town. There's enough loot there to get you going, and most players that land in this region will head straight into El Azahar so you might be able to get some loot and get out before anyone sees you.

The outer edges of Los Leones have enough loot that you can get yourself equipped pretty well before heading into the city proper for some early firefights. Those who prefer to start slow should steer clear of this area all together, but if you're the type that likes early action we wouldn't recommend diving into the city's center. Instead work the fringes and see what you can find.


Unlike Miramar, Sanhok is nothing but lush greens and hills for miles. The massive map means there's plenty of space even for 100 players,and the hilly terrain will offer plenty of places to hide and stake out opportunities for both loot and engaging other players. The river running through the middle of the map--and also bisecting the western half--creates some tense moments when the safe zone is on one side of the bridge and you're on the other, so be mindful of where you need to be and when. We'd recommend dropping onto the larger island when you play Sanhok, as you'll be on the safe side of the map more often than not.


Three top places to land are:


Bhan, located at the center of Sanhok's largest island, is a strange wooden structure that holds a decent amount of loot. The way the landmark is laid out will require some jumping, so be sure not to put yourself out in the open if you can avoid it, but staying low and collecting whatever loot Bhan has to offer makes for a solid opening strategy.

Pai Nan, located in the lower half of the map along the river, is a coastal town with buildings on either side of the river. We'd recommend landing on the northern side, as that would put you on the main island and hopefully on a clearer path to the first safe zone. Also, since Pai Nan is a town cut in two halves, there's a chance any opponents dropping here as well will go to the other side of the river, leaving you all the loot.

Quarry, also located on the eastern half of the map, is a massive rocky area with good loot to be found throughout. It's one of the larger landmarks on the map but its loot pool isn't as big as one of the towns, so we don't expect it to be terribly populated at any given time. More loot for you, and if someone did join you there there's enough space to get away from the attack and collect yourself.


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