PUBG: 16-year-old reportedly dies - Remember it's Just a Game

Recently we've heard the bad news that 16 year old in india died due to heart attack and reason was this-(#2/100) he was close to chicken dinner and got killed.

He shouted and got an attack.. He lost the game as well as his life... Dear Gamers,everyone plays games as timepass but why do you take them seriously? Just because you are called gamers? Ever wondered which is more important.

Your life or your Kill ratio? Wake up!!! Play games don't let games to play you. sometimes your phone gets heated up which leads to blast but you still play.. You spend money to buy royale pass for every season what does the royale pass gave you? 100RP, Gun Skins, outfits, anything.

But that's in game in reality you are still you living in the same place.. When 100 rp can't affect your living why does that game affect you? You shout when someone kills you,you shout when enemies are near.. You even use headphones to get clear sound but this affect your brain.

This spread the violence all over your mind. Ever noticed? Your way of talking is changed your way of living has changed. Just sum up all the money you spent on royale pass or UC cash and you'll get the huge amount.. You could have spent to buy any of your favorite thing but you wasted them.

So in other words remember this is just a game don't be too serious and care about your surroundings and people around you... There's a world outside of phone... (don't say mark the location xD) play games but don't get addicted to it. 

Santhosh Kumar A - Aug 2, 2021, 6:28 PM - Add Reply


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Aluka precious - Aug 31, 2021, 12:31 AM - Add Reply


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