PULSAR NS 400 Launched 😱 - Price?

Bajaj is gearing up to launch its most significant Pulsar yet, the Pulsar NS400, in 2024. This exciting development comes after a long 11-year wait since the introduction of the Pulsar NS200 and nearly seven years since the Bajaj Dominar 400 made its debut.

The Pulsar NS400 will build upon the existing perimeter chassis used in the NS200, which has always demonstrated the capacity to handle more power than the NS200’s 25hp output. While some strengthening and adjustments to accommodate the larger engine are expected, the overall size and dimensions are likely to remain similar to the current Pulsar NS200. This could result in a reduction in weight, making the NS400 lighter than the 193kg Dominar.

In terms of the engine, Bajaj has several options, including the 373cc unit found in the Dominar, the all-new 399cc engines featured in the Triumph Speed 400 and the third-gen KTM 390 Duke. Surprisingly, for the NS400, Bajaj has decided to retain the Dominar’s engine. Despite its slightly smaller capacity, this engine produces an impressive 40hp, similar to the Triumph motor, promising an enthusiastic and powerful performance. The NS400 will come equipped with a six-speed gearbox and a slip assist clutch.

As for the design, while specific changes remain uncertain, it’s reasonable to expect a resemblance to the current NS family. However, enthusiasts are hoping for more than just unique stickers, as the NS design has remained largely unchanged for over a decade. Although the NS200 recently received a USD fork in India, giving it a more muscular appearance, the NS400 is expected to continue with this design theme.

There’s also speculation about potential new features, such as connectivity and an LED headlamp, which would be welcome additions. Nevertheless, it’s anticipated that the Bajaj Pulsar NS400 will be positioned below the Dominar 400, currently priced at Rs 2.3 lakh. This pricing strategy would make it the most affordable 400cc bike with 40hp in India.

In addition to the NS400, Bajaj has recently launched the N150, further expanding its Pulsar lineup and reaffirming its commitment to delivering exciting and competitive motorcycles to the Indian market. As enthusiasts eagerly await the arrival of the Pulsar NS400, it’s clear that Bajaj is determined to maintain its reputation for offering thrilling and accessible two-wheelers.

This bike is going to beat all the 300 - 400 cc segment motorcycles in the whole Indian market after the launch of it. From a long time we are getting to know that it's gonna launch. But there is no news when it will be launched. I am really very much excited to know more about this bike. It may bring a huge fall in the market of KTM as it's gonna be a great supernaked and good-looking one.

Pulsar always have shown us a great quality product and service is also the best. In my opinion it's going to be launched in the mid of 2024. It's best bike for the beginners and all bike lovers. 

Am too much excited for its launch guys.







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