Ripe, yummy chops without frying

Any kind of meat will do for this recipe! White chicken, pork, anything. I, for example, have a fillet of thigh. It turns out very tasty, flavorful, and the sauce is just magical. In general, all recommend it.


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Ingredients for "Ripe, Yummy Chops Without Frying":

Chicken fillet (Any meat without bones will do) - 900 gr

Chicken egg - 2 units

Sour cream - 100 g

Potato starch - 2 tbsp.

Spices (I have prowanted herbs) - to taste

Garlic (I prefer granulated) - 2 cloves.

Black pepper - to taste

Salt - to taste

Cooking Time: 80 minutes


Number of servings: 4


Nutritional and energy values:

Ready meal


1650.2 kcal protein

228.1 g fats

43.1 g carbohydrates

74.7 г



412.6 kcal protein

57 g fats

10.8 g carbohydrates

18.7 г

100 g dish


134.2 kcal proteins

18.5 g fats

3.5 g carbohydrates

6.1 г



Recipe for "Browned, yummy chops without frying":


Prepare the ingredients, cut the necessary meat



Wash the meat, cut it into portions as you would for a regular chop (if needed). Score it.



Sprinkle the meat generously with the provincial herbs and set aside for now.



Mix together for the sauce: eggs, starch, sour cream, black pepper, salt and granulated garlic.



The sauce is moderately thick and rich.



Line a baking tray or baking dish with parchment. Roll each chop in this batter and place it on the parchment. Leave to rest like this for 20 minutes for chicken or 40-50 minutes for pork.



Preheat the oven to 210 degrees and bake the chops until crispy (40 minutes is enough in my oven).

Bon appetit! You won't have this deliciousness for long)


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