Rostov roast. A favorite dish of moviegoers

Most likely, it's another actor's tale, but I was told it at Mosfilm by a very respected director (but not Gaidai :-) and asked not to mention his name, lest my wife think he was interested in "kitchen maids' affairs". The point was that during the shooting of "Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession" a part of the set was shot in the Rostov Kremlin. And everyone had food coupons to the same establishment. To be more precise, not coupons for a complex dinner (as it was supposed to be), but for the sum of, say, a ruble twenty. On the very first day the crafty movie guys sampled by appointment the entire range (café or canteen, I do not remember) and came to the conclusion that the amount indicated perfectly fit into a mug of 0.5 liters of mead (40 kopecks) and Rostov roast. Bread is free. And then - a vivid picture: 500 people in a turn in the most strange clothes enter the room, sit down at the tables, before handing over coupons to the administrators, and silently (that is, in absolute silence) work with spoons. The roast was served in large, deep plates. Then an almost simultaneous "Ahhhhhh" sound, faces blurred in smiles, mead is drunk and drunken people (and more from the food than from mead) go outside for a smoke. All have the most "Russian" faces - ruddy, a little bit sweaty, kindly and absolutely happy. When I heard that story for the first time, I wanted to check the result right away. And it worked! Everything is so simple-primitive that you don't even know what's so catchy about this dish. But it really does! Just try not to make (at least the first time) improvements. Still, the dish is almost 300 years old, that is, just after Peter accustomed))). Let's trust our ancestors! We need: 1 kg of beef / veal 1.5 kg of potatoes 1 large carrot 1 large onion herbs and spices. Everything is strict with the seasonings, too. We divide them into two parts: We will pepper the meat with the following mixture - Majoran (0.5 teaspoons), - dried parsley (1 tbsp), - dried dill (1 tbsp) - salt (1 tbsp. ), - hot pepper (or chili) (1/4 tsp.),- dried paprika, which used to be called red ottoman (1/3 tbsp.), - turmeric, which used to be called "yellow ottoman" (1/2 tsp.) . We mix everything in a saucer. We will sprinkle the potatoes with the following mixture: - Dried parsley (1 tbsp.) - Dried dill (1 tbsp.) - Ground coriander (1/2 tsp.) - Dried garlic Gostov (1/2 tsp.). Cut the meat into 3x3x3x or 4x4x4 cm cubed pieces. Cut carrots into large pucks and more into quarters. Onion is crumbled as finely as possible. Now we start laying the roast. We put it in a cauldron or a duck-bowl in layers. The cauldron should be previously greased with goose fat, lard, melted butter or vegetable oil. The carrot comes first. We put exactly half of it (I repeat, the carrots must be large, or take two carrots) and pour vegetable oil generously, so that the carrots will almost swim in it. But only almost... It takes me about 50 ml. Now put exactly half of the meat very tightly, pressing down. On the meat pour half of the seasoning for meat and lay onions on top. Onions are covered with potatoes, cubes 3x3x3 cm. and sprinkle half of the spice mixture for potatoes. And repeat the layers one more time, alternating. Pour the future roast with boiling water, so that the level of liquid was a couple of centimeters below the top layer of potatoes. In the process, everything will settle and turn out perfectly. If you miss a little - not a problem either. We put the cauldron on a very high heat under a lid. Bring it to a strong boil. We turn off the fire and move the cauldron into the oven, heated to 160 degrees for one and a half hours. Take off the lid after the specified time, increase the fire to 200 degrees and wait another 20 minutes. Everything.... Why this turns out mind-blowingly delicious I do not know until now. It's like a piece of cake.

But no... If you make it, you'll see the look on your men's faces. Send me pics later!!!!


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